Keeping your life afloat in Supermum style

ONE of the most fascinating things I find about travelling is seeing how other people live.

From royalty to movie stars, the glitz and glamour is always sure to impress.

What is not to love about getting a sneak peek into the lifestyles of the rich and famous?

But seeing things from the other side of the spectrum can put your own life in perspective.

While in Siem Reap, Cambodia, my Superman and I ventured out of the city to view one of the floating villages.

Last year when looking for our home, my Superman and I had a few requirements; a bedroom for each of the kids and two bathrooms were a must, while two lounge rooms were an optional extra we were happy to have.

But the people who live in these floating villages don't have such luxuries.

Wooden platforms on bamboo rafts, one-room structures to house an entire family; it is sobering to say the least.

They do have running water, if you count the waterways they live on.

Cambodia: Floating village.
Cambodia: Floating village.


It is not running water you would want to drink from though, as their toilet facilities do not include plumbing.

For those who have a toilet, so to speak, it is literally a toilet seat covering a hole in their floor.

I wouldn't even wash my clothing in it, let alone use it for the dishes, but that is all they have.

Battery power runs the one luxury some of them have, a television.

Their livestock, which included pigs and poultry, were on their own little floating pens tied on to their homes.

Our tour guide said their daily chores, including cooking, all had to be done in daylight hours as there was little or no lighting available at night.

So why do they live there?

If you can't purchase land in a country, what are your options?

Some of these villages are home to thousands of people, because it is all that they can afford.

So when I go home to my modern home, turn on my air-conditioning and settle down into my comfy lounge, I am thankful.

And next time I tell the kids to go and play outside I am even more grateful they have an outside to play in.

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