Kendall robbed of second place

IF it were up to the Miss Universe Australia chief judge, former Rockhampton model Kendall Olive would have been wearing a second place sash at the national finals.

Instead, he claims Kendall fell victim to “fixed judging”.

Yesterday the chief judge, who asked not to be named, spoke exclusively to The Morning Bulletin about what goes on behind the scenes at a beauty pageant.

He said he wanted to show his support to Kendall, 21, who he believed was in the top 10 but was replaced by another contestant at the last minute by pageant director Deborah Miller.

Kendall was encouraged to speak out about this issue in Thursday's Morning Bulletin.

Yesterday Ms Miller remained adamant that the judging was fair and accurate and hoped the hurtful allegations did not impact future plans to hold a Miss Universe heat in Rockhampton.

The chief judge yesterday claimed he knew for a fact Kendall would have been in the top 10, which is determined during a pre-interview and not on the final night.

He said after the three judges handed up their chosen top 10, they had a verbal conversation about who they chose.

“Olive was in all of them - she was definitely in the top 10,” he said.

“On the final night when the top 10 was announced I was shocked.”

The chief judge said, in saying that, Rachel Finch was still the rightful winner and best choice.

Kendall, who now lives in Mackay, has been left shocked and confused by the whole situation.

She said although she would never know the truth, she wanted to make sure judging was fair for all future contestants.

Kendall had won the heat held in Townsville and is supported fully by its organiser Henry Petersen.

Mr Petersen and the chief judge have both called for Ms Miller's resignation and said they would not be associated with the pageant while she holds reign.

Yesterday Ms Miller publically confirmed again that Kendall was not in the top 10 and had score cards to prove it. She also said that despite the chief judge being appointed by her for this contest, he was not actually affiliated with the Miss Universe pageant.

Ms Miller said she did not know why the chief judge spoke to Kendall and claimed that talking to contestants outside of the competition wasn't ethical. She said she felt sorry for Kendall to have become mixed up in these allegations.

“If she was told that, of course she would think she was ripped off,” she said.

“She is gorgeous and has a great walk, I remember her, but she wasn't in the top 10.”

Ms Miller said she would not be associated with the chief judge or Mr Petersen again.

The chief judge said he had been judging beauty pageants for more than 30 years. He said he thought Kendall needed to know.

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