Brittany Lauga.
Brittany Lauga. Trish Bowman

Keppel candidate questions: ALP's Brittany Lauga

How will you support employment opportunity growth in this region?

My number one priority has been to grow jobs and our local economy. This will continue to be the principle driver of everything I do if re-elected. Programs like Back to Work and Skilling Queenslanders for Work have helped over 2500 people back into work in CQ.

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Labor has a strong track record in providing support to small businesses to grow, diversify and tap into the digital marketplace. Our Buy Local policy gives preference to local businesses for government contracts.

Will you consult with your local electorate if elected and if so how?

Listening to the electorate and being available to constituents is something I am well known for and very proud of. I have held thousands of meetings with local constituents about a range of issues. I also make myself readily available at events across the electorate.

What infrastructure do you believe would most benefit our region?

We will deliver $25 million for infrastructure on GKI to further grow tourism in our region. I also welcome the news of an additional $12.2 million for local councils to continue our Works for Queensland program.

Do you support an integrated casino licence for GKI?

If Tower Holdings is unable to raise finance, it's time to give someone else the opportunity. It's now time for Tower to step up or step away.

There is no doubt that our community wants to see some sort of development on the island. We want jobs for our young people. The island has so much untapped potential that's currently going to waste.

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