Peter Blundell
Peter Blundell Trish Bowman

Keppel candidate questions: LNP's Peter Blundell

How will you support employment opportunity growth in this region

I SUPPORT long-term employment opportunities that provide security and real job growth that doesn't burden rate and taxpayers.

The LNP government will make tourism, agriculture, mining and construction growth easier and directly support Keppel by supporting GKI, building Rookwood Weir and reducing compliance costs to get the economy moving.

How will you assist small business in this region?

I VISITED most small businesses in Keppel and asked what they need to succeed and hire. The answers were clear: get GKI and Capricorn Resort going and reduce costs.

The LNP will reduce payroll tax, cut unnecessary legislation and is the only party with real plans to reduce electricity prices.

What infrastructure do you believe this region would most benefit from?

FOR private infrastructure we need to see Capricorn Resort and GKI developed by private means.

For community infrastructure, we need Rookwood, more boat ramps in appropriate places and sporting facilities are sorely neglected. Roads, footpaths and community facilities including pools and sporting grounds will benefit from Royalties to Regions.

Will you consult with your local electorate if elected and if so how?

ABSOLUTELY. The beauty of democracy is everyone can voice an opinion. The challenge is listening to all views to inform decisions, not following party mantra.

How I consult depends on the age group; advisory groups for business and community needs, social media, attending meetings and keeping an open door.

Do you support an integrated casino licence for GKI? Why?

ABSOLUTELY - we can't afford to go backwards.

Grant the licence so Tower can build or move on.

The LNP has a clear way forward: the licence process will open within 100 days and one is reserved for CQ/NQ. Other parties have broken their promises, or made promises they can't fulfil.

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