Matt Loth.
Matt Loth. Trish Bowman

Keppel candidate questions: One Nation's Matt Loth

1. How will you support employment opportunity growth in this region?

GETTING people into jobs locally with the One Nation's apprenticeship scheme where the government will pay 75 per cent of the first year's wage, 50 per cent of the second and 25 per cent of the third as well as supporting local business initiatives.

2. How will you assist small business in this area?

ONE Nation has committed to cutting electricity across the state by 20 per cent which will give businesses back the extra money to hire casual or permanent staff that they've gone without because of increases to their running costs.

This is just one of planned initiatives to strengthen local business.

3. What infrastructure do you believe this region would most benefit from?

A NORTHERN Access Highway, Emu Park Boat Ramp and dredging of Causeway Lake just to name a few.

4. Will you consult with your local electorate if elected and if so, how?

THE keys to the Keppel office belong to every voter in the seat. I think involving yourself in the community by means of quarterly barbecues asking for feedback, attending business group meetings, newsletters and an open door policy in the office are a must.

I will ensure I make myself available to enable me to be the voice of our community.

5. Do you support an integrated casino licence for GKI? Why?

YES! Yes! Yes - 1500 jobs is a very good reason to support this initiative.

An international tourism focus will bring increased visitation to the region, hence increasing economical benefits for the area.

The commercial value this will add to the region is enormous.

The immediate economic stimulus this will drive will be most beneficial.

No one can beat the leisure Great Keppel Island offers.

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