Kettlebell hell

MY FITNESS level feels like it has taken a step up this week with a PT session on Friday, horse riding at Mercure Capricorn Resort on Saturday and surfing Farborough Beach on Sunday with Capricorn Learn 2 Surf.

Although my heart feels as big as Phar Lap's, my muscles are sore and throbbing and, when I sit still, I swear they are constantly twitching.

Sensing I was getting complacent, Shawn amped up the training this week with a killer routine. Handing me a round 12kg weight with a handle, Shawn told me that the kettle bell was Russia's greatest training secret, originally used to weigh grain and only discovered by the west in the past decade.

Telling me not to be alarmed by the high repetitions required for the workout, Shawn explained the challenge.

Starting with 100 kettle bell swings followed by five incline push ups and then 75 kettle bell and 10 push ups then 50 / 20 and then 25 / 25.

After about 20 swings I was ready to give up but stopped counting in my head, which I think defeats you before you know your full scope, and just kept going, my heart banging in my head and my breath ragged until I was done.

Gasping and shaking I walked around until I caught my breath before starting the five push-ups.

As I prepared for the next set, Shawn said to just let the body do the work and focus the mind elsewhere.

I tried to still the counting in my head.

As my whole body shook with exertion, I pictured Russian strong men from my Finnish friend Tom's comic books swinging kettle bells with their bulging biceps and somehow got through it.

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