Dog attack - Phillip Donnelly's four goats were attacked by dogs, killing two of them.
Dog attack - Phillip Donnelly's four goats were attacked by dogs, killing two of them. Cody Fox

KILLER DOGS: Dozens of deadly attacks devastate residents

THIS week Takura's Phil Donnelly woke up to scenes of utter carnage.

Strewn across his acreage were the bodies of the sheep he had lovingly hand-raised; far more than just livestock.

He believes the animals' deaths were caused by dogs that have been roaming the area, wreaking havoc.

The animals were beloved pets who had each had a name.

Two had drowned in a dam, while four others had been mauled to death by the dogs.

"I lost all mine - all gone," Mr Donnelly said.

"They chased them from one side to the other."

He spent Tuesday burying the bodies of his goats - no mean feat for the 74-year-old.

"It's not a fun job," he said.

He's far from the only one who has suffered losses.

Six attacks have been recorded so far across Takura.

One neighbour had lost 16 sheep, Mr Donnelly said.

Nine sheep were killed were killed at another property and in another incident, goats and a dog were injured.

Catherine Reid's sheep were attacked on Wednesday morning.

Five of them were seriously injured and had to be put down, while four have survived.

"It's just awful," she said.

Ms Reid said dogs had been spotted at the scene of some of the attacks.

"There are some vicious dogs on the rampage and it won't stop until we find them.".

Ms Reid said she wasn't emotionally attached to the sheep, with the family sometimes having some of their live-stock butchered for food.

But yesterday she was saddened by the scenes she was confronted with after she got a phone call from a neighbour saying her sheep had been attacked.

"It was devastating," she said.

"I was crying."

One of the dogs had left the family's best breeder with a gaping hole in its side.

Mr Donnelly believes someone owns these dogs.

The goats and sheep were not eaten and appeared to have been killed for sport, he said.

"Someone's feeding these dogs," he said.

The cost of replacing the goats wasn't the issue, Mr Donnelly said.

He said the loss of the goats represented 15 years of hard work.

"I brought most of those goats into the world," Mr Donnelly said.

"All our girls have names."

In the days since the attack, Mr Donnelly has been out searching for the dogs, but has so far had no luck in finding them.

Mr Donnelly and his wife have lived in the area for 21 years.

"We've never had this before," he said.

Fraser Coast Regional Council's director of development and community Gerard Carlyon said investigations into the series of attacks were ongoing.

The council had a description of two dogs seen on a property at the time of an incident - a large black and tan rottweiler and a black kelpie-type dog.

"Council's animal management officers and biosecurity teams are working together to set cameras and door knock homes in the area to identify the dog owners," Mr Carlyon said.

"While there have been six incidents in the Takura area in recent weeks, it is not known if the same animals have been involved in each incident.

"Council reminds dog owners that they must have adequate fencing in place to stop dogs wandering."

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