‘King hit’ sours end of university year celebration

IT WAS meant to be a night of celebration after completing a year of university.

But for Yeppoon's Clay Boyd, the night ended with a king hit and a broken nose.

On the night of December 22, 2012, it is alleged Mr Boyd was punched in the face by Yeppoon man Jonathon Peter Grice in the vicinity of the Marsden Hotel in Yeppoon.

The trial started yesterday in Rockhampton District Court where Grice pleaded not guilty to one count of grievous bodily harm.

In the Crown's opening statement, Prosecutor Dean Jones told the court the alleged attack on Mr Boyd occurred after midnight and that it was an unprovoked attack.

"This is a criminal case involving a king hit," Mr Jones said.

"Mr Boyd was at the club with his friends and was punched in the head in the bathroom of the club, then later hit in the face while he was walking out of the club.

"Grice acted in a violent manner, striking Mr Boyd in the face, fracturing his nasal bone and causing extensive bleeding, an injury likely to endanger his life."

Yesterday Mr Boyd, 22, recalled the alleged attack from the witness stand.

Mr Boyd said he was home from Brisbane for the summer break.

"My dad dropped me and two friends at the club at 11pm," he said.

"I went to the bathroom at 1am and bumped shoulders with a male (Grice) in the doorway. He asked why I was staring at him and I said I didn't know what he meant.

"He then hit me on the right side of my head three times. I went into a cubicle and when I came out he was gone.

"I told my friends what had happened because I was in shock and my friend and I went over to him to ask why he had done it."

The court heard Grice appeared to be aggressive and kept asking Mr Boyd to go outside and fight.

Mr Boyd said he kept telling Grice he did not want to fight him.

"I called my mum to pick me up," he said.

"My friends and I walked to the front of the pub and the male who hit me (Grice) was following me. I called my mum two more times to tell her to hurry.

"I kept saying I didn't want to fight then he punched me in the nose; blood was running out of my nose and dripping on my shoes."

CCTV footage was also played to the court which showed Mr Boyd being hit by Grice.

The trial continues today.

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