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King hit victim ko’d after falling onto the street

A RECIDIVIST offender who king hit a male on a Townsville street before going on a Rockhampton crime spree later worked on his literacy and numeracy in prison.

Raymond Charles Sielaff, 27, pleaded guilty on June 26 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to 13 charges including public nuisance (king hit), enter premise and steal, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, steal fuel, unlicensed driving, possess a suspected stolen credit card and possess a syringe.

Police prosecutor Acting Sergeant Ellysha Geddes said Sielaff had a 14-page criminal record and four-page traffic record.

“He is having trouble with his use of illicit substances,” she said.

Sgt Geddes said the public nuisance charge was the most serious example of a public nuisance offence and could attract a maximum sentence of six months prison.

Magistrate Jeff Clarke said the offence was attached to the king hit incident in Townsville on Australia Day, 2020.

“You approached a male in the street, in Townsville, and hit him in the head,” he said.

Mr Clarke said the victim fell onto the road and lost consciousness.

He said the victim was not willing to make a complaint.

Sielaff’s offending continued when he broke into Beaneys Communications on Archer St, Rockhampton, on February 19, stole keys and cash.

He then stole a Mazda which he drove while unlicensed on Gladstone Rd and William St.

Sielaff also conducted fuel drive offs at BP and Caltex outlets.

Sielaff was also charged with receiving stolen number plates as part of that day’s offending.

Five days later, he breached his bail twice in 24 hours.

Then on April 2, Sielaff was caught inside a boarded-up Puma service station in Koongal.

He told police he had no where to sleep, however, that was not consistent with what police caught him doing with they got there, along with the four uncapped syringes they found in his bag.

While Sielaff was in the watch house, he asked for fruit but was told meal time was soon.

He responded by spitting towards the watch house officer, who luckily, had a door between himself and Sielaff.

Defence lawyer Brendon Selic said his client had been offending consistently since 2010 with a gap between 2018 and 2020.

He said Sielaff planned to relocate to Biloela when released from prison where his has a partner, two-year-old son and three step daughters.

Mr Selic said Sielaff had been born with a learning difficulty, which was impacted when he had a horse accident years ago, leaving him with a permanent injury.

He tendered a letter written by Sielaff to the court which Mr Clarke.

“I wrote it myself,” Sielaff said.

“I’ve been taking literacy and numeracy while in custody.”

Mr Clarke said the letter showed Sielaff was doing well after his courses.

He ordered Sielaff to a head sentence of 18 months prison, declared 85 days presentence custody, with parole release on August 3, 2020. Convictions were recorded.

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