IT WAS a kite-flying competition of epic proportion between sisters yesterday at Emu Park's Festival of the Wind.

Tamika, Taryn and Tegan Anno made their way to the annual festival yesterday to see what it was all about and whose kite could fly the highest.

The Rocky girls' mum, Julie Anno, said her family did a lot of sport over the holidays which left little time to travel.

"It's just something to do, it's school holidays and we don't go anywhere," she said.

"Dad's working day- shift so it was a case of the kids are driving me crazy, let's go to the beach," she said, laughing.

Julie said the family had never been to the festival before and was glad she had decided to go.

"The kids have had a ball since we've been here," she said.

"It's something that we used to do years ago, just as a family we used to go and fly a kite but being here (in Rockhampton) we're so busy."

The festival began at 8am yesterday with markets in Bell Park before the other end of the park, including rides, opened at 10am.

Competitions ran over the course of the day, including sand sculptures, and there were flare displays by the coastguard.

The festival ended with a fireworks display just after sunset.

Festival of the Wind, which is in its 17th year, attracted massive crowds yesterday with announcers saying it was a record-breaking year with attendance the most they had ever seen.

Despite the various attractions of the festival, all that the three girls were interested in was in flying their kites.

Tamika, who claimed she was the best kite flyer among her sisters, said it was a good day to be on the beach.

"We're just chilling at the beach flying kites, it's a little hard because it's been years since we've done it," she said.

The self-proclaimed expert had a few tips on flying a kite.

"It's a little hard when your kite's a few metres up and you've just got to let the rope out," she said.

"Try to get your kite high enough so it's still, just hanging.

"If you want a challenge just throw the kite up and have like two metres of twine up."

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