Four questions you can't get asked in a job interview

CONGRATULATIONS, you've made it to an interview! Now it's time to start preparing for those tricky questions that may crop up. But did you know there are some things that are illegal for an employer to ask?

1. What nationality or religion are you?

Questions surrounding your nationality, race, or religion are not allowed to be asked in an interview. When an applicant is asked to reveal information about themselves, that has no direct bearing on the job description, it can lead to discrimination in direct violation of state and federal laws.

2. Are you married? Do you have a partner?

Employers who ask about your personal life could be trying to find if you are likely to have children in the future or even your sexual orientation. In the event you're a parent, they may be wanting to know if there's someone else who can help share childcare responsibilities.

Antidiscrimination legislation prohibits discrimination based on a person's marital status or sexual orientation.

3. Are you pregnant or will you have more children?

Employers should not ask questions about children, pregnancies or potential pregnancies as this may lead to discrimination on the basis of family responsibilities, sex or pregnancy. If it's a question testing your commitment to a role, then employers can ask questions about your work, e.g. "What hours can you work?"

4. When were you born?

Questions about age can also be used to discriminate against candidates.

If the topic of your age suddenly puts the brakes on an interview, know that it's illegal to refuse someone employment based on their age.

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