Bully MPs ganged up on Ludwig: Finch

YEPPOON can forget about its foreshore lagoon while Bill Ludwig is a politician and Labor is in power, according to a Liberal National Party member.

LNP candidate for the State seat of Rockhampton Gavin Finch made the comment during the Capricorn Enterprise Candidates' Forum on Tuesday afternoon.

"The foreshore development down at the beach is a direct bully tactic from the two Labor members (Keppel MP Paul Hoolihan and retiring Rockhampton MP Robert Schwarten)," Mr Finch said.

"They don't like Bill Ludwig and they will never ever put something there while Bill Ludwig is at the beach.

"It's a personality clash. It's not a visionary thing.

"Bill has a vision for the beach and that's a great vision."

The redevelopment of the foreshore hit a snag in August when the Department of Environment and Resources Management report pointed out the site earmarked for a community recreational area - the now former Yeppoon Hospital site - may be unsuitable due to the possible tidal surge.

"Now like him or loathe him (Ludwig), he's stood fast on that vision and the only reason why that's not been successful is because of the tidal surge which would have affected the people in hospital, not a swimming pool," Mr Finch said.

"A swimming pool a tidal surge will go over and we can fix that up. Getting people out of a hospital, that's a completely different story and because he's pursuing that, the hospital was moved inland and that's a great thing."

Mr Hoolihan said the State Government had offered $1.36 million for the Yeppoon foreshore redevelopment.

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