Lakes Creek Rd Landfill to remain open for another 20 years

THE Lakes Creek Road Landfill will remain open for at least another 20 years thanks to a newly approved waste disposal option.

Known as the Piggy Back Extension, the disposal option will build on top of existing capped landfill at the Lakes Creek site from 2017, and add more than two decades to the site's lifespan.

Four landfill cells will be added to the site over a period of time, with the first being able to accept around 180,000 cubic metres - which equals to up to three years' worth of waste. 

The option was recently approved by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection following a request from Council. The request was lodged in aim of providing continued waste disposal to the community in preparation of the site reaching full capacity late next year. 

Chair of Council's Business Enterprise Committee Cr Neil Fisher said the approval and commencement is a major milestone for Council and all involved.

"Council has been working toward a new waste disposal option for several years and in greater focus for about 18 months and we are very pleased to announce the approval of the Piggy Back Extension," Cr Fisher said.

"It's going to have tremendous benefits. It will allow the community of the Rockhampton Region the ability to maximise the use of the current waste management facilities, extend the life of the site, and reduce the costs that would have occurred if a brand new facility had to be developed."

Cr Fisher commended all involved in the process and gave a special thanks to all staff involved, CQG Consulting, and Toowoomba and Gladstone Regional Councils for their support.

The final details of the construction will now be developed and refined to ensure compliance with EHP requirements.

Key facts:

  • Council has been approved by EHP to commence the Piggy Back Extension at the Lakes Creek Road Landfill site;
  • The Piggy Back Extension will see more than 20 years added to the site's lifespan;
  • The current fill rate of the site is about 88,000 cubic metres a year
  • The site will work dually with the Waste Transfer Station and provide a safer option for community drop off;
  • The final details of the construction will now be developed and refined.

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