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Landlord's nightmare as he's left with 'disgusting' motel mess

ROCKHAMPTON landlords were shocked to discover the extent of damage to their motel.

Michael Tyrrell and his wife expect they will spend the next month cleaning their motel before it is fully operational again.

Mr Tyrrell told The Morning Bulletin he expects to open several rooms by the end of the week that are in a "lovely" condition, but others will take much longer to restore.

"They (some rooms) were disgusting," he said. "(But) now I feel good … because now I can change the motel's destiny."

One two-bedroom suite (pictured) with a kitchenette, sitting room, and bathroom had its carpet lifted, broken tiles, paint removed from the walls, and much, much more damage.

"I've got to recarpet the whole joint (the room)," he said.

"It stinks … just bad smells."

"Each bathroom cost maybe $12,000, and looked what they've done. They've ripped this (mirror) off the wall."

Mr Tyrrell was on Monday handed back his property when a Supreme Court Justice evicted the leaseholder, who owed $160,000 in unpaid rent and rates, but he said he had no idea what to expect when he arrived at the motel.

Mum of four Amanda Taylor initially refused to leave her two-bedroom motel room on Tuesday, but Mr Tyrrell said he and Amanda were now on good terms. Ms Taylor was a cleaner at the motel who has lived quietly there since December and is not responsible for any damage to the hotel.

Mr Tyrrell allowed Ms Taylor to leave her belongings at the motel one last night, but she had to find alternative accommodation.

"She was quite nice to us," he said. "She thanked us for helping her out."

"We could have got everything and chucked it out on the street.

"That's not our style. We want to do things correctly."

But Ms Taylor is still facing an uncertain future and has only found temporary accommodation.

Mr Tyrrell said he was banking on recouping some of his unpaid rent with furniture left behind, but he said there were TVs, fridges, and other furniture missing.

He said he was heart warmed yesterday morning when two tradesmen drove into the motel offering to help clean it up free of charge.

"We wouldn't do that, we don't have to act that way," he said.

"But the thing is the niceness of the spirit of the people of Rockhampton.

"They just came in, they looked around the place, said, 'hello, we are here. And if you want us we will come and help you, because we want the place to get back to normal'."

"People like the motel, people want the motel to be back where it was."

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