Landry hits back at Rockhampton union man's attack on LNP

CRAIG Allen (Bully Opinion 25.1.14) may want to reflect again on the values he places in his unqualified attack on the LNP - especially when confronted with the alternative.

The headlines this week screamed of allegations of corruption and allegations of criminal activity by CMFEU union officials in the building industry.

The ABC and others report allegations of bribery, extortion and threats of violence being used and links with crime figures on Australia's construction sites. This comes on top of allegations being considered before the court of claims Craig Thompson used his Union credit card to hire prostitutes. These are the types that align themselves with the Labor Party.

How much more is there yet to be uncovered?

You criticise me for saying in a previous newspaper quote: "You can't trust those unionists" when I refused to be haggled into signing a pledge for union rights.

I stand by those comments. Take a look at the news this week and you can see why. Mr Allen, to reuse your words, what is so 'tolerant and respectful' about these things?

The unions affiliate themselves so closely with the Labor Party they have distanced themselves from real people. They are taking people for a ride.

The unions should be standing up for workers, not the Labor Party. The recent headlines pretty well sum up the respect some of them have for their own fee- paying members.


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