Landry says time not right to focus on same sex marriage

CAPRICORNIA MP Michelle Landry says now is not the time to be focusing on the same sex marriage discussion, according to comments she posted on Facebook.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten announced earlier this week that the Labor Party and the Greens would be putting a bill to parliament to make same sex marriage legalised in Australia.

This came after Ireland, one of the most conservative nations, put the topic to referendum which resulted in 62% supporting same sex marriage.

In response to calls for her support on Bill Shorten's marriage equality bill, Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has reiterated her view on same sex marriage.

She recently released a statement in response to the issue: Michelle Landry not supportive of same sex marriage

Ms Landry has just posted these comments online:

"The priority for Australia in the next few weeks is the get the budget passed so that the massive help for small business, farmers and households can be rolled out to create jobs.

"I absolutely respect people's personal views and their own personal relationship choices.

"However, so soon after the budget, Bill Shorten and Labor are not genuine on the topic of same sex marriage, but are using the issue to divert the spotlight away from the fact that Labor has nothing to offer the nation in terms of a solid economic strategy.

"He is trying to steer parliamentary debate away from economic issues that Australians want parliament to address before the financial year ends.

"It is unfortunate that a topic so sensitive as same sex marriage has been caught up in Labor's tumble dryer of policy ideas.

"My view on same sex marriage has been well known since prior to the election.

"Marriage is between a man and a woman.

"However, as I travel around my electorate I am always willingly to respectfully listen to people and the issues they raise.

"If people in the electorate feel strongly one way or the other on the topic of same sex marriage, I am prepared to take their views back to the party room in Canberra.

"The topic of Same Sex Marriage will no doubt be the subject of future discussion. But not while Shorten uses it as political football. (With Bill Shorten in Cabinet, Labor had 6 years in Government to address this issue, if they were really genuine)."

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