Landry wants women to feel supported

Michelle Landry.
Michelle Landry. Allan Reinikka

MICHELLE Landry is on a mission to help women.

The Member for Capricornia is fresh from federal parliament's White Ribbon Day, where both Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten signed a pledge to support women in the fight against domestic violence.

Ms Landry said she was aware of the problems that some women face and is passionate to help in anyway she can.

"The problem is some women feel like there is nowhere to go, they don't know how to escape it," she said.

"It's not good enough...we have to do something about it...we all need to be aware of the issue, and if we have friends in that situation we should know how to assist them."

Ms Landry said she knew of the difficulties women in rural areas face in finding assistance.

"You go to rural areas and it's quite difficult, the town is too small and there are no safe houses... they have nowhere to go, I heard stories of women staying in the waiting rooms of hospitals," she said.

Ms Landry said she wanted to support and build the confidence of women in all situations.

Part of that support was the MP's new plans to help women as they navigate through their middle age.

"I think there is a new class of poor emerging. Women in their 40's, 50's, who are divorced and may not have been in the workforce while they were raising children...They might find it difficult to get into the housing market again with limited income and superannuation," she said.

"That's something we are working on...there are a lot of women being overlooked."

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