Leadership faces party vote, but electorate wants to decide

IT may be D-Day for Prime Minister Tony Abbott as he faces a spill motion from his colleagues in Canberra today, but an online poll suggests changing leaders might not be enough to save the Federal Coalition.

The poll on this website, which has nearly 450 votes and will finish up at noon today, shows close to two thirds of respondents (63%) would prefer to see Parliament dissolved and fresh elections held than a change in the government's leader.

A little over a quarter (26%) say they would like to see the Prime Minister replaced. However, only 9% of those who have taken part in the poll so far say Mr Abbott should stay on in the top job.

The poll is not scientifically accurate, but offers a telling insight into the wishes of the electorate as the Prime Minister faces a vote on his leadership and as national polling suggests the government would have been demolished, had an election been held at the weekend.

Should the Liberal Party dump Tony Abbott and get a new leader?

This poll ended on 09 February 2015.

Current Results

Yes - they should appoint Julie Bishop, Malcolm Turnbull, Kevin Andrews or Mal Brough as a new Prime Minister as soon as possible.


No - if they want to change leaders they should call a double dissolution and let the electorate decide.


No - we voted for Abbott (in intention if not in fact) and he should serve out his full three years.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

A Newspoll commissioned by the Australian newspaper suggests the ALP would have been swept to power with 57% of the two-party-preferred vote had an election been held between February 6 and 8. 

The poll suggests the Coalition's primary vote has been shredded from 45.6% at the 2013 election to only 35% at the weekend, while Labor's soared from 33.3% in 2013 to 41%. The Greens primary vote also increased from 8.7% in 2013 to 12% and support for other parties also sat on 12%, down 0.4% from 2013.

Nearly 70% in the Newspoll say they are dissatisfied with Mr Abbott's performance as Prime Minister, compared to 40% who are unhappy with Labor leader Bill Shorten.

As to who should lead the Liberals, the polling suggests Malcolm Turnbull is the most popular alternative PM within the party. However, among Liberal voters, Mr Abbott remains a strong favourite over Mr Turnbull or Julie Bishop.

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