NRL star Benji Marshall.
NRL star Benji Marshall. Jonathan Wood

Leading players to get in touch

FOR all the touch footy fanatics out there, brace yourselves.

NRL star Benji Marshall will be crashing the grounds of the Cyril Connell Fields this weekend to play his first love in sport, touch football.

The Tigers halfback will join the open Australian Men’s and Women’s touch football teams for a two-day event that will see a junior coaching clinic and a few games with Rockhampton’s best players.

From 2.30pm on Saturday Benji Marshal will join forces with the Rockhampton Men’s Invitational side when they play against the fury of the Australian men’s side.

“Benji originally played touch and it was his first sport, he still plays it at high levels and loves it,” organiser Gavin Shuker said.

But Marshall isn’t the only player who will get the locals pumped.

Rockhampton’s Daniel Withers, who also plays for the Australia Men’s team, will be caught in the middle of the battle when he plays games for both his hometown team, Rockhampton, and the Australian side.

“It is going to be different (playing against Rockhampton) as a lot of the players are my good mates,” Withers said.

But the Australian Men’s team will also have a strong force to reckon with when they face CQ Indigenous All Stars Touch Team.

“The indigenous side has a lot of skill and a lot of speed. They definitely will be playing with an attack and flamboyant style,” Withers said.

“They will chuck the ball around and are not scared to have a crack, which should make it a good game when they roll in.”

The Rockhampton Women’s Invitational team also will step up and give the Australian Women’s side a good run after the Australian teams have their training camp tomorrow.

Rockhampton Touch Football administrator Denise Edwards said local touch football youngsters were also able to get among the action with the junior coaching clinic on Saturday morning.

All Australian representitives and Benji Marshall will be at the coaching clinic to teach the young players the tricks of the trade.

“In the junior clinic we will teach them skills and coach them, they are the future of the sport,” Withers said.

For more information on the coaching clinic call Denise Edwards on 0409631633.

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