SUPERMUM: On the road and learning from ‘dad’ jokes

I AM reliving a bit of my childhood this week and going on a road trip.

At the same time my Superman and I are creating memories for our own kids.

A family road trip to the outback is certainly different these days.

There is no endlessly listening to a Willie Nelson tape like I experienced. Instead we have constant debates about whose turn it is to Bluetooth their music through the speakers.

With a learner driver behind the wheel, I find I am still in the back seat, however this time I'm breaking up arguments rather than causing them. Well, mostly.

We have tried to teach the kids a few things along the way, just like my parents did.

I have even utilised my own dad's method of education, known as the "dad's joke" method.

"I bet there is a good way to remember the name of this town... Alpha."

While they didn't appreciate my alphabet joke at the time, it did help them remember when we quizzed them on the town names later. My Duaringa dad's joke didn't quite work as planned. I said it was about my son calling his girlfriend 'd'ya ring her?' But they could only come up with a new town name Didyacaller.

It has only been a couple of days into our holiday but there have been plenty more learning experiences for the kids and lots of laughter from us parents.

This is an adventure we have been planning for months but we may have emphasised a bit too much we were headed to the middle of nowhere.

As we were packing the car before leaving we were asked if there were going to be showers and toilets there. Then we were asked if there would be other people there. I wondered where they thought we were going.

When we stopped at a rest stop that only had a toilet block, a Winton sign and a number of caravans parked nearby, the boys thought we had arrived at our destination.

They were glad to discover real civilisation included not only a warm bed for the night and hot showers but also a film festival screening in the open-air movie theatre and free wifi.

We still have more dirt roads to travel and more adventures to be had... So glad I'm writing this on the road again.

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