Riley Carvosso placed third in the Go Girls racing Aus mx series.
Riley Carvosso placed third in the Go Girls racing Aus mx series. Contributed

Leaving the boys in her dust

MOTORCROSS: While most 15-year-old girls spend their weekends shopping with friends or following the latest trends, Riley Carvosso is smoking rubber on the track and ploughing ahead of the boys.

"She gives it to the boys and doesn't back down that's for sure,” her mother Shona Carvosso said.

"She loves it. It's what she likes to do.

Carvosso has been riding farm bikes since she was a child on her uncles' properties and "one thing led to another” and very soon she was racing.

In the last four years, the adrenaline-loving teenager has found her niche in the sport.

"She just loves riding and getting dirty and the people,” Shona said.

"She's met so many new girls with the Go Girls series and is making new friends and having fun.”

After competing in the first round of the Go Girls racing series at Dalby in May and at Warwick in August, Carvosso set off to the third and final round of the Go Girls racing series at Mouree on December 2.

Carvosso went up against around 10 other girls in her class and tied for second.

However, due to her count back from the first round, she took out third place overall and was "pretty stoked” with her amazing feat.

Carvosso was the only girl from Rockhampton to compete in the series and was among very few Central Queensland girls that were involved.

"She obviously wanted to go ride with girls because she's always ridden with boys,” Shona said.

"She had the 250cc event in August so she's had a few rides on it and she did do Warwick on the 250cc but unfortunately only got to have one race on the 250cc in Mouree.

"There was too much rain so they couldn't ride on the track.

"Her brother rides as well. He's only nine... he supported the 65cc and 50cc class for the girls.”

The third round was Carvosso's last ride on the 85cc before she steps up to the junior lites next year and takes on a KM250cc.

The Rockhampton High student grew up riding at Yeppoon, Rockhampton and in the CQ series against well-known riders like Mitchell Dark, however, "they don't intimidate her at all”.

But now that many of them have moved on, she is focusing on improving her skills one day at a time.

"She'll ride to her ability whereas my son just goes out and you're either stopped or you're full ball.

"Once she steps up to the ladies, I'll be more nervous because she'll be competing against the more experienced girls in the comp so that will be a little bit nail-biting for me.

"She just wants to improve and she just wants to try and get more girls involved.

"She loves helping out the littlies, and loves going out and giving them a hand and some encouragement.”

Carvosso trains with a variety of coaches including Aaron Hutton to "learn new skills and freshen things up” and she takes everything her coaches say on board.

Ultimately, the impressive teenager hopes to take her racing career to the States, and wishes to follow in the tracks of her many idols like Elise O'Connor, Gemma Wilson, Keira Baxter and Sarah Gafferty.

Now that racing is wrapped up for another year, Carvosso is taking a break.

However, she will be gearing up for the next CQ Series in February next year, and her riding companions will be there supporting her along the way.

"All the guys are really good... they're always really supportive,” Shona said.

"If she beats them they're obviously not very impressed... but it builds her confidence to beat the boys.

"There's no 'ha ha, I beat you' none of that, it's always; 'well done, Riley'.”

If any other young CQ girls are interested in getting involved in the motor sport, they can message the RADMX Facebook page and talked to the many people willing to provide answers and led a helping hand.

"There's plenty of questions to be asked and it's very confronting and daunting when you first start,” Shona said.

"I know I was like 'oh my god, what am I doing?' but our club's a really good club and always happy to do whatever they can to get new people in and get them settled.

"Everyone is there for each other.”

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