Video of toddler climbing pool fence sends wider message

LOUISE de la Haye's warning (TMB 5/11/15) about pool safety for children is timely as we go into the warmer months - and it also carries a wider message.

Louise's video of her two-year-old son Beau Haines trying to climb a 1.2m gate shows what can happen when parents are not looking.


While her message is about pool safety, adventurous kids can get into trouble in many other ways.

There will be many near misses this summer as young children look for fun and test the boundaries of safety.

While it's crucial for parents and guardians to remain vigilant, it's also important to make sure the reins are not held too tight.

Children must have the opportunity to stretch their limits and this will mean bumps and bruises - it's all part of growing up.

There is one activity though I tend to think has not yet been properly regulated or policed.

This is the use of quad bikes.

These are dangerous vehicles.

You only have to look at the accident rate to understand that it is out of whack with other adventurous activities.

The numbers of deaths and serious injuries carry a warning that we can't ignore.

The Heads of Workplace Safety Authorities have established a working party to develop solutions to reduce the incidence of fatalities involving quad bikes.

The HWSA working party has developed a series of recommendations that the jurisdictions are in the process of implementing, including:

the mandatory wearing of approved helmets; and

children should not be allowed to operate adult-sized quad bikes.

In the meantime, be careful out there.

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