ALMOST every Monday morning during the rugby league season I read the same story.

Capras well beaten but brave in defeat. As someone who has some experience, I would like to make the following comments.

The disappointing results are not the fault of the coach alone or the players alone but of the overall organisation.

There are three main areas that are relevant to a successful club or team - administration, player recruitment and retention, and coaching and development - and all are reliant on one another. For example, administration is responsible for funding and sponsorship and without results on the field sponsorship becomes harder to obtain. Nobody wants to back a loser.

From my experience, I believe to win the competition and allow for injuries you need four top-line front rowers, two top hookers and two smart half backs, however these players would cost dollars.

I thought about writing about the past few years' results etc. but what would it achieve? Nothing.

There is only one comment I would like to make however - the loss of Greg Reynolds to the cause was huge. Greg has more knowledge about rugby league than most people. He was named in the CQ Team of the Century, coached the Capras for a number of years, coached Queensland Residents, and been involved in administration at club and CQ level. This is the experience that is required.

I believe the whole Capras' board and organisation needs a major overhaul; for a team to be based out of the CQ NRL Bid clubhouse and then expect a rival club in the form of Rockhampton Leagues Club to be their major sponsor beggars belief.

The catchcry has been we are rugby league heartland; unfortunately there is rugby league heartland on the central coast of NSW and any other place that is vying for an NRL licence.

For the CQ NRL Bid to even be considered, it is essential that the Capras not only compete but win the Q Cup for a number of years in a row.

So where to now? A new coach, although a slap in the face for Lionel Harbin, is a start.

It is with bated breath I wait to see the player recruitment and the announcement of some major sponsors.

M. Shoesmith


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