IN A few weeks, I will be helping to organise resistance to the Talisman Sabre military exercises.

I know many people in Rockhampton disagree with protesters travelling to the region to do this, so I want to give the people of the region a chance to hear why I will be taking time from my paid work and life to slow these war preparations down.

The military is seen as good and defending our freedoms.

Whilst I have no personal problem with anyone in the military, indeed I have family in the ADF, I have a civic duty to slow down the war preparations about to take place in the Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area.

The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan have cost the lives of over one million innocent civilians and destroyed those countries.

You do not bring rights to women or human rights by bombing a country into desolation.

Indeed, as we have seen with the rise of the so-called "Islamic State", you only give rise to tyranny and oppression on top of the bloodshed and slaughter.

The war on terror has, in this way, been an unmitigated disaster. Tens of billions of Australian taxpayers' dollars spent, 41 Australians killed, 256 wounded and organisations that seek to use terror as a weapon have only flourished.

Many in Rockhampton say they welcome the exercises as a way to boost the economy. Study after study shows that increased militarism does not increase the economy.

In fact, more schools, trade schools and universities in the region would boost the economy more than any military endeavour.

The US Alliance is a relic.

There is no threat to Australian sovereignty; Australia and the US train and fund the Indonesian military. Who else are we supposed to be scared of? The greatest threat to our security and prosperity is global warming.

These war exercises and any future war that they will prepare us for will not only kill many, many more innocent civilians; they will exacerbate our greatest security threat.

Talisman Sabre is about preparing Australian military forces to be used in future US-led wars of aggression.

To protect the lives of innocent civilians and for future generations, I will slow them down as much as I can.

Greg Rolles,


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