Men with rainbow flags celebrate the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Berlin.
Men with rainbow flags celebrate the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Berlin. Michael Kappeler

LETTER: Sick of arguing about same sex marriage

ALWAYS up for a good discussion, even a heated debate, but even I get sick of the same old discussion again and again.

I may not have much staying power, but I'm already sick of arguing with some of the "no” vote contingent on the issue of SSM.

The same old reasons are being trotted out again and again.

A marriage is between a man and a woman... who says? The bible? Great, one of the oldest written documents on the planet that has been plagiarised and modified literally hundreds of times, a tome we no longer follow to its letter because its stated requirements in regards to haircuts, stoning women and adulterers and a many number of other pieces of advice it offers are not current with modern times.

From curiosity, I do wonder, why are Christians so concerned with someone else sinning, are they worried someone is going to brush up against them in the supermarket and they might catch their "gayness”? Seriously, if you are secure in your own sexuality, how someone else chooses to express theirs is no threat to you!

Others offer the fact that the law of the land states that marriage is between a man and a woman, this is true at this present time, however wasn't always the case. Again, legislation in this country is constantly updated to reflect the society we live in. There is constant need to revise and update to ensure that our laws stay current with society. Laws in regards to privacy, cyber bullying and harassment are perfect examples.

Marriage is, and always has been, a social construct. In each age, generation, period in time, it reflects the beliefs of those engaging in it and so it will inevitably change, if not this time, then soon. If this government doesn't enact the changes to the marriage act, the next generation surely will.

The under 30 set are saying they just need some of the old boomers to drop off and they'll soon have a majority. Personally I'll be interested to see how the various demographics will vote. Marketing psychology tells us that the older demographic read newspapers, buy print version books and are more likely to vote with a paper survey/vote.

One has to wonder if that's why the government has chosen this option. The boomers are certainly still the largest demographic, but that won't always be the case.

Ultimately, what we keep coming back to is nothing more than a personal set of beliefs that we each hold. Sometimes there is no explaining those and many are reluctant to question how they've acquired them.

Just remember, belief doesn't equal fact.

I'm lucky, I can choose not to engage in these debates because ultimately the outcome won't effect me or any of my loved ones at this point in time. I feel for those who are gay and are having these conversations in order to fight for their rights. They can't opt out and refuse to engage.

Karyn Battersby

Mt Archer

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