Letter to Premier Campbell Newman from Rebels bikie's wife

DEAR Campbell Newman.

Can't you see that our own history shows what Aussie politicians and segregation laws have done in the past. No!

Well think about the Aboriginal people, they were not allowed to drink in pubs, had to be served out the back, children taken away, etc.

But they were allowed/expected to fight for the country in the armed forces!

Looks like we are returning to the dark ages.. since the new laws don't actually use the word Bikie, it can target any group and they are already.

Vietnam Vets were treated the same way, that is how they formed the bike club that still stands today, because they were segregated and shunned by society.

Single parents were once shunned. The disabled/ mentally ill segregated. Released prisoners shunned, and the list goes on. How can you be so blind ?

Have you not learned from our shaded past?

Newman your one tracked personal agenda is not helping Queenslanders, surely you can see that !, If not, then your chief concerns are not the citizens of Queensland or Australia.

What you are trying to do is a disgrace.

You are hindering any chance of Australia being a political representative and a positive influence in the world and the stand for Human right.

Your name will go down in Australian history but not in the way you would like to see yourself.

But for the extreme self righteousness you have displayed from appointing these laws at the expense of the Queensland people, and the overall ripple effect they have had on their lives.

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