LETTER: We need awareness, not ignorance of autism

LIGHT it up blue for Autism - no light me up furious.

With 1 in 100 kids in Australia diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder I would expect by now it is something everybody with would aware of, and understand the struggles faced by ASD children and their families.

Once again found an example where all this awareness has yet to sink in…shopping, oh joy.

After a week indoors with both my son and I struck down with the flu, we snuck out for essential supplies.

Just a quick trip, which resulted in my son having to be physically carried from the store to my car.

My very strong teenage son had just thumped me where ever he could make contact, head butted me and kicked me in the stomach, I remained calm as I paid the cashier, unloaded the trolley, placed rubbish in the bin and quickly parked the trolley against a pole to rush back to my car.

My car with disability parking pass clearly displayed, contained my son who was attempting to kick out the passenger window…he was not well and I needed to get him STAT.

So when a dear older lady took it upon herself to tell me to not be lazy and put the trolley away… I lost it.

Many Special Needs parents have no patience for ignorance and judgement, we use it all on our children.

I was loud I was hurt and I was angry.

I attempt to live by the saying, "is it kind?, is it helpful?, if not, don't say it!" but this was the wrong day for that interaction.

She learned nothing and I was left angry and shaken, and this motto was clearly not something that this lady valued.

I do want to clarify, that my son is not the burden, the burden is those around who believe there is nothing that cannot be fixed with a good smack.

I sincerely believe I met one of that species today.

So here is the challenge to the autism community: Come up with an awareness campaign to smack the ignorance out of those who choose not to open there eyes or hearts, only their mouths.

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