LETTERS: Backlash over hotel quarantine lockdown


Vanessa Sierra, self-proclaimed, social media star, girlfriend of the already controversial Bernard Tomic, tennis player, has endured a backlash over her hotel quarantine lockdown comments.

Who are these commentators on policies imposed on incoming guests, to keep our nation safe?

It’s all about how restrictions affect themselves, with little interest in how deadly the COVID pandemic is.

Social media is a platform for the disaffected, the disgruntled and the disgusting.

It makes stars and enemies simultaneously. Is she infamous by association?

Australia is struggling with homelessness and a very contagious virus.

Not a priority for this self-proclaimed “princess” and her personal grooming challenges, apparently!

Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands


Harry's view on Australia Day.
Harry's view on Australia Day.


Health and tech experts are pushing for Facebook and other social media giants to be held accountable for the torrent of misinformation on their platforms.

Daniel Hammond: For at least six months they’ve been suppressing information about alternative treatments for COVID, calling it misinformation. Now Trump is out of office, suddenly authorities are looking at studies and “realising” that these treatments are actually viable and safe. It’s got nothing to do with misinformation and everything to do with controlling the narrative.

Jane t Lee: Has there been any study into the ‘side-effects’ of the vaccines yet specially with those who have chronic illnesses and within the aged community or is this an insidious way of the hidden world government of decreasing the world population – as they would say – ‘hail the illuminatory’.

Stella Hughes Smith: “Freedom of speech” is always spouted in these discussions. There is no freedom from consequences and if they are seen as dangerous ie. to your health or inciting violence then there needs to be some form of accountability.

Keith Kelley: Well the truth doesn’t need defending, and the lies will surface and be discarded. So why the monitoring? I always worry when something is being protected by vested interests, no matter what it is.

Lynette Laskus: Perhaps they learnt the traits from government departments.

Lyn Edmistone: Who decides what is what. We should all be able to make decisions for ourselves not someone we don’t know making them for us. Just ridiculous.

Elaine Hans: Freedom of speech must be a high priority. People need to take responsibility for themselves to research and check information they read. To take freedom of speech away (in any form) can make way for a very biased and controlling platform.


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