One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is seen inspecting the engine bay of the 'Battler Bus' after a breakdown in Marlborough.
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is seen inspecting the engine bay of the 'Battler Bus' after a breakdown in Marlborough. DAVE HUNT

LETTERS: Battler Bus or Blunder Bus?

IT APPEARS that the "Battler Bus” is fast becoming the "Blunder Bus”.

Not only are their candidates in the firing line, but also investigative journalists who are simply just doing their job.

I am more than a little amazed at how a federal senator is so confused about her role that she appears to think she will dominate the incoming state government, that there is absolutely no way she can be a part of.

Her behaviour towards the journalists and news reporters, on learning that one of her candidates owns a sex shop, and other issues certainly unbecoming of a potential political leader.

Will there be tantrums where she storms into the Qld State Parliament demanding a duly elected premier of a duly elected State Government toes her line. Is this the type of leadership Qld needs?

It was considered that Joh had "delusions of grandeur”.

At least by his gerrymander, he was elected to state parliament, and premier on 19% of the primary vote.

Hanson has been elected to the Senate as a Queensland representative.

The Senate is the house of review of the Federal House of Representatives, not the Queensland State Government.

Even if members of her party are elected she has absolutely no role in the State Parliament.

How can she make political spending promises for One Nation state candidates?

Where is the state leader of the party?

Will he be allowed to act on his own credibility, or will he be "Pauline's Puppet”?

Many have been fooled before by her simplistic solutions to complex issues, only to see division and desertion of her members of parliament.

Queensland deserves better.

G. Craig

Emu Park

Rainbow connection, more than a song

SOME would say you have to be very brave or very foolish to mock God.

I would say to the "rainbow letter” writer on Monday that you would have to be very foolish to mock not only God but to mock "the terror of the Cap Coast”, Doug Belot!

The rainbow is another part of our symbolism and language that has been hijacked by delusional people bent on the destruction of everything that points to a Creator.

It was the sign that after the deluge the world was safe from ever again being destroyed by flood. What we experience here every few years is only a timely reminder of what could be!

And there is more to the rainbow than meets the atheist's eye, but he will learn that on another day.

In the meantime, maybe he will consider the words of Jesus himself: "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

I considered those word over 50 years ago and am still counting my blessings.

Faith is merely a step but life is a journey that begins with that step.

Al Byrnand


Keep corporate profits in Australia

WHY is BHP seeking access to international carbon credits?

The Big Australian should be doing the responsible thing and keeping corporate profits in Australia, via investing in and paying fair taxes on domestic ventures.

I am pretty sure there would be any number of agri-businesses and communities keen to sign up carbon sequestration and off-set schemes, and provide a financial supplement to their regularly drought affected cashflows.

Additionally, much of the carry-on about South Australian and Queensland power prices and/or reliability has everything to do with the balance sheets of Olympic Dam in South Australia, and the extensive Bowen Basin coal mines that BHP owns, and one thing is for certain, they don't pay anywhere near retail prices for their electricity.

At the very least BMA (BHP) could make a start by accelerating mine rehabilitation and revegetation, and dare I say it, add some on-site renewable energy projects to offset their draw on coal-fired generation.

Those two actions alone would deliver a tidy carbon offset and create many local jobs, especially in the Bowen Basin communities that are suffering from BHP's DIDO/FIFO practices.

Trent Deverell


Time to get on top of 'riverbank problem'

NOW is the time to get on top of this riverbank problem.

Don't let it go off the radar as it has for decades.

Keep it in the limelight while all these politicians are hovering around.

They might throw some money toward the problems.

Like more dry-out places and courts that don't only convict them of drunk and disorder but head them to these dry-out places after several court appearances.

G.J. Smyth


Sacked workers weren't needed

IN Queensland Labor's campaign they are bringing up the Newman government's sacking of 14,000 workers.

Most of these workers were unnecessary public servants who were soaking up state revenue.

Labor put them in to make unemployment figures look good and making them obligated to pay homage votes in future elections.

Re-employed them when they took office again.

NWH Timms


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