Members of the Caves Rural Fire Brigade bring a grass fire under control beside the Bruce Hwy near Etna Creek last year.
Members of the Caves Rural Fire Brigade bring a grass fire under control beside the Bruce Hwy near Etna Creek last year. Allan Reinikka ROK050416agrassfi

LETTERS: Big thank you to Rural Fire Brigade

I AM writing to convey my thanks to the Rural Fire Brigade.

On Saturday, September 9, 2017, a fire was started in the inaccessible and heavily forested area of Yeppoon Rd between access 6 and access 8.

The fire continued to spread and posed a threat to a number of houses unless it was contained. During the remainder of the weekend the Rural Fire Brigade worked to bring the fire under control.

The intent was to control the fire by back burn along a 15 kilometre boundary.

A big and difficult job.

Up to 10 Rural Fire Units worked all through Saturday night backburning.

A gentleman by the name of Ray from the Belmont Brigade ably led a team of four units working in my property.

During my life I have had a significant experience with fire and this crew worked both tirelessly and very professionally to contain the fire.

Weather was in our favour and by sunrise on Sunday morning it was a watch and mop up activity.

As you know the Rural Fire Brigade are volunteers and these teams gave up their entire weekend to help protect others from this fire.

Bob Miles


No idea what's going on in league world

WELL Mr J Lewis (TMB 11/0917)), I'd hazard a guess that the bosses in their ivory tower wouldn't have the faintest about what's happening in the real world of football.

Two finals, crowds were about half of the lowest crowd at a AFL final.

The crowd at Geelong/Richmond was 95,000!

What was the crowd at Cowboys/Cronulla game? Low by the looks of the TV broadcast.

G. Townsend

Emu Park

Euthanasia will turn doctors into killers

THINGS are moving fast. First, we have the same sex marriage debate and now there's two euthanasia bills before the Senate.

From 'marriage equality” to 'dying with dignity'. How they like to dress things up to sound nice and acceptable.

Euthanasia will be assisted suicide; we need to call it what it is. Is it right for doctors to be turned into killers?

Is suicide morally right or ever justified?

Euthanasia will fall upon the aged and vulnerable members of our society. They say there will be safeguards but in overseas jurisdictions we have seen it was extended to people who were never in their sights at first mention of the legislation.

Funny that we should be talking about legislating for the killing of the vulnerable, but never do we discuss executing murderers.

Isn't it time that we take a step back, and consider where we as a nation are heading?

Jay Nauss

Glen Aplin

Who is government really working for?

HAVING read NWH Timms' letter TMB 5/9/17, I can only say one thing: get with it Mr Timms, you have been around long enough to know who our government is working for: The New World Order - One World Government Globalization (all the same thing), they are following their orders to the letter.

Should our puppets stop doing so we would have terrorists' attacks all over the place to pull us back into line.

Finally go talk to Bashar Assad, the President of Syria, and he will give you some facts on what its like to feel the boot of the New World Order after 11 years of terrorism: simply because he would not do what they wanted him to do. Plus he had the guts to do what the Syrian people wanted.

Archie Riddell

The Range

Put citizenship proof on the table

I WAS born in the UK, but have spent 34 of my 65 years living in Australia. I have dual citizenship, and that suits me fine.

I would gladly relinquish my British citizenship if required to do so, because this now my home. However, I find it staggering to see people who want to serve their chosen country in parliament being punished for having flimsy links to another country that they often didn't know they had.

If any of these people really wanted to act in the interest of another country, does anyone believe they would be stopped just because they had relinquished those tenuous links?

The debacle that is currently being fuelled in parliament by the Federal Labor Party shows how bereft they are of legitimate claims to be considered as an alternative government.

Let's see all members of parliament, irrespective of political affiliations, put their proof of citizenship on the table and sort the mess out without delay.

Perhaps then our politicians can get on with sorting out the matters that really count to the rest of us.

Malcolm Wells

Pacific Heights

Smoke haze hangs over Rocky

Smoke haze hangs over Rocky

There are a number of vegetation fires affecting the region

Winx's magic spell draws out race fans at Middlemount

Winx's magic spell draws out race fans at Middlemount

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