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LETTERS: BLM a ‘highly supported group backed by companies’


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Fake news on BLM

THERE are many that take the main stream media at face value, when in fact Donald Trump is closer to the truth, when he refers to it as fake news.

The Black Lives Matter supporters are not just people trying for recognition because of injustices, but is a highly supported group, financed by big names in business.

It does not surprise one that George Soros’ Open Society Foundation donated $33 million.

It is inconclusive to list the many high funding donors. Airbnb – $50,000; Bad Robot Productions – $10 million; Cisco, electronics giant – $5 million; Square Enix computer games – $250,000; and these few nowhere near exhaust the list of donors.

Donations are used to post bail/bonds for demonstrators’ arrested at protests, purchase protective equipment for protesters, to rebuild black communities where protests have occurred, or to invest in community enrichment programs for black and brown youth.

Money is fluid, and donors often end up financing agendas they might not fully agree with when they give money to a slogan, like BLM.

The overflow of this BLM into Australia needs restraint. If Americans tear the heart out of their country, it is up to us to expose the likes of Soros, who would destroy western civilisation in favour of a communist regimen.

Ed Vaughan, Carmila


Harry's View
Harry's View


AS. Well Tom Bradbury the same happened to me when I rang up for forms for our taxes. Just forms, no information on how to fill them out like previous years. Just as well I still had last years’ to read. They don’t want people to do paper taxation forms anymore. But for me I am not up to doing our taxes or banking online. Some don’t get it that there are still people that like the old ways. God help us in the future, hopefully years, I still have left.

JOHN P. Place names to fall under the racist vilification language axe: Coonawarra, Coonabarabran, Coonamble, et al. (if not, why not) Is not being called “White” (or Black) therefore a racist derogation? The cheese (Coon) makers have added fuel to racist agitators. Same logic should prohibit the very noun “cheese” as having sexist connotations? It seems that “any” word can now be construed as being offensive. All it requires is a malcontent, vapid and pernicious mind.

MOOSE, DEPOT HILL. Apparently Tasmania has opened its borders to other states and territories but not Queensland. I hope we do the same. We have enough imports coming from down south we don’t need any two-headed Tasmanians here as well.

ANON. COVID idots wear your masks, don’t be a tool.

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