Lights at the newly redeveloped Wreck Point Lookout have been changed to a rainbow configuration in a show of support for Cap Coast Equity Alliance and marriage equality.
Lights at the newly redeveloped Wreck Point Lookout have been changed to a rainbow configuration in a show of support for Cap Coast Equity Alliance and marriage equality. Contributed

LETTERS: Change lights to favour no vote

ON Thursday, October 12 a small group of local constituents met with Livingstone Shire councillors to express their concern about the rising level of anxiety in the community re the possible major social change that may come if the Marriage Act is redefined.

Consequences of a change in this Act will pave the way for the likes of the Safe Schools Program being introduced into our schools and possible legal ramifications for local businesses as has been experienced overseas where the Marriage Act has been changed.

Deputy Mayor Nigel Hutton, along with councillors Adam Belot, Tom Wyatt and Glenda Mather acknowledged the group's concerns and advised that the council corporately has a neutral stance on this debate in the community.

The group is asking council to change to the current light display at the Wreck Point Lookout from the rainbow colour to flash alternatively pink and blue.

This is in recognition of the 'No' vote which stands for female and male together.

Councillor Adam Belot advised the meeting that the council could accept this request based on its approved inclusive and diversity policies for all its residents.

The group advised that 62.5% of all ballots issued have already been returned and there are only 26 days remaining for return of ballots.

If residents have not received a ballot or lost and damaged their ballot, requests for replacement ballots can be made online at https://www4.abs. nsf/amlpspprenqform or by phoning 1800 572 113.

The opportunity to replace your ballot ends 6pm on Friday, October 20.

Geoff Shields

Cooee Bay

Glossing over Tony's shortcomings

PETA Credlin has used her high profile in the media and her close relationship with Tony Abbott to rewrite political history.

While she uses every opportunity to discredit Malcolm Turnbull, she chooses to gloss over Abbott's short comings which are many.

Abbott survived his 'near death experience' from his own party and while declaring he had changed, soon went back to his old ways making policy on the run, only consulting his chief of staff Peta Credlin, to the frustration of his own party.

Who could forget the Knights and Dames fiasco, the broken election promises and the unfairest budget in living memory to name just a few.

The facts are Malcolm Turnbull only had one vote and Abbott was rejected by his own party and the Australian people.

Which brings me to Malcolm Turnbull and the mess he had to unravel.

The constant undermining from Abbott and a small band of supporters in the Liberal Party, plus some rednecks in the National Party who want to take the government further to the right has been a tragedy for this country.

History shows Australian voters have never wanted to go further to the left or the right. Some politicians on both sides still don't get it.

Then he had to deal with a dysfunctional senate thanks to the Clive Palmer disaster and a few independents who lacked the intellect to hold the balance of power in this country.

He had the guts to call a double dissolution to get rid of some of the dead wood only to be given more of the same. That was our fault.

I think history will show this government has achieved much given the barriers they have had to overcome and with an upper and lower house that was more about bipartisan support for nation building instead of protecting their own dung heap we could have achieved so much more.

Col Goltz

Emu Park

Power performance

WILL our media, especially the ABC, Fairfax and environmental commentators report the state of power failure, blackouts and load shedding in the EU this coming northern winter that could be colder than those previously experienced over the last decade?

The EU is about 50% on renewables and used as the model for Australia to follow. We need to know if it is working.

Robert S Buick

Mountain Creek

Fears for future

LISTENING to the wafflings of Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten brings to mind something that was said in Alice In Wonderland: "If you don't know where you are going, any road you take will get you there”.

Sadly this is the political state of affairs today in this country. Labor, Coalition and The Greens are so far removed from reality, the wishes and the needs of the people and the country that I hold grave fears for the future for my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and this country.

NWH Timms


Courts caught

IT is no use the government continuing to make laws tougher when the courts don't follow suit, that is the problem.

Remove the courts' discretionary powers to vary, alter sentences, mostly on whimsical excuses, and apply the full penalties as provided for offenders.

G Townsend

Emu Park

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