Subjects pose for contemporary New York artist Spencer Tunick, who is photographing nude Melburnians for his latest piece, 'Return of the Nude'.
Subjects pose for contemporary New York artist Spencer Tunick, who is photographing nude Melburnians for his latest piece, 'Return of the Nude'. PENNY STEPHENS

LETTERS: Colour me blue from the chill winds of change

TUCKED away discreetly on page 2 of The Australian 09/07/18 was a photo and article of the multicoloured Melbourne nude installation by US artist Spencer Tunick.

The 500 brave but goose-bumped participants (sans pants) covered themselves in nothing but body paint in the 12 degree temperatures and lay on the cold concrete while the artist got the photo "just right”.

Being a Queenslander and a man of a certain age, I of course simply wagged my head and sighed as I find our own climate at present a very good reason to bundle up against the cold.

I would need a lot of convincing that body paint alone would do much to stave off frostbite. But of course if someone is inclined to take part in mass multi-coloured nudity, whatever the weather and for whatever reason, I don't feel the least guilty for thinking, rather them than me!

And so once again the village people in our big cities are employing all the colours of the rainbow for breaking down traditional barriers and to further polarise those of us who no longer have it to flaunt and would hesitate to do so even if we did pass muster. I find I still prefer my rainbows in the clouds, heralding a sunny day and reminding me of a certain covenant.

Al Byrnand


'Aspirational' deputy's mentoring almost done

MAL'S monkey-see-monkey-do has got the "aspirational” bit right, the future addition of a top drop of "nationalism” would ensure the deputy sheriff's mentoring is complete.

Bob Lansdowne


Eternal growth would make humans a cancer

HUMANS are at a crossroad. We have to make a decision.

We have to decide whether we're going to allow the elitists running the world's governments, (the ones we know and the ones we don't), to continue to lead us down the eternal growth road, or not.

I'm firmly for "or not!” But there is a chance, not a good one, but a chance, that technology may replace Nature.

This would allow humans to end up turning the whole planet and any others we may colonise into huge planetary cities.

There's no doubt, it'll be one hell of a bumpy road to get there, but anything is possible. I reckon the whole show will collapse (we're nowhere near as smart as the elitists would have you think and Mum's a lot more brutal than us!), anarchy up and if there are survivors, (iffy), they might have learnt something. But I have my doubts about that.

Having said that, I'll say this: The possibility that humans might succeed is the reason I'm in the "or not” camp.

We can't allow even the possibility of that future to happen!

Because that means we must kill almost every other living thing on this planet and the same goes for any other planet we might occupy.

Humans would be a cancer on the universe! Even turning beautiful, wild, Earth into a filthy (even if it's spotless) disgusting mega city, I, sure as hell, won't have any part of that!

"Depopulate or perish” must be the only option humans will accept!

I'd rather see the human race go extinct than allow us to become a cancer on the universe.

Animal hating lefty/vegetarians and their religious allies who promote the mega city concept (knowingly, or unknowingly) must be driven from all positions of power.

Frank Brown


Pollies' gender war sets bad example for our kids

PARENTS must never encourage their children to watch our national parliamentary broadcast because those who make the rules that are expected to obey only attack and abuse each other without respect or consideration.

Talk about cats and dogs, and sometimes cats on cats and dogs on dogs. It is all too bloody childish!

Recently in the Senate there was a slanging match between a female and male that looks like deteriorating into legal demands for apologies etc.

It is of course what grown-ups do when they are bored or disagree with another.

In this case, one, the female who believes she has the Lefty God sitting on her shoulders, left her seat to confront a male who was in his place some 20 metres away.

There is no audio or video of the events, only the old stuff, "he said” and "she said”, that cannot be used in evidence except they repeated what each said to the media. I award an A Grade pass to two fools!

For this old geriatric "phart” it is becoming too much, this gender war in parliament. I demand more from all elected and govern this country that has been in turmoil since 2007.

To the two protagonists, grow up and spit your dummies outside of the national parliament.

Robert S Buick

Mountain Creek

Teachers and children need a safe environment

INCREASING assaults and weapons in classrooms are a teacher's worst nightmare.

And when parents send their kids off to school each morning, they expect them to be in a safe environment to learn.

Teachers deserve to work and children deserve to learn in safe and secure schools.

Weapons have no place in our schools and the safety of our children and teachers must come first.

The safety of our kids in schools needs to be taken much more seriously.

Queensland kids deserve a world-class education system and a safe learning environment.

Deb Frecklington

Liberal National Party Leader

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