BATTLER BUS: Queensland One Nation leader Steve Dickson (left) and One Nation leader Pauline Hanson are seen during a doorstop at a Nambour petrol station after departing on tour from Brisbane, Monday, November 6.
BATTLER BUS: Queensland One Nation leader Steve Dickson (left) and One Nation leader Pauline Hanson are seen during a doorstop at a Nambour petrol station after departing on tour from Brisbane, Monday, November 6. DAVE HUNT

LETTERS: Country can't be run by protest votes

A COUNTRY and its states can not be governed effectively by protest votes and posing yokels who may be out to make a quick dollar and short-term notoriety at our long-term expense.

Voters are mostly commonsense battlers who want what's best for them and their progeny - they want stable majority government in today's very politically unstable global atmosphere.

Queensland is crying out for that stability and the prosperity it eventually attracts through sensible, feasible investment, achievable infrastructure projects and consequent jobs and wages growth.

We won't get that government with a fractured clueless potpourri of single-issue headless chooks in a hung parliament reliant on appeasing crossbenchers.

The tentacles of the irrelevant are gradually spreading through the forgotten regions of the State with the spread of One Nation and the incursion by the Katter hopefuls and you have to wonder how once proud and always productive National Party members and supporters feel about their now flower girl status in a Liberal-run coalition bent on preferencing minor parties to win government.

Regardless of your gripes about either of the major parties, vote for one or the other - don't muddy the governance of this State with fringe elements.

Don Schmidt

South Gladstone

All renewables get cheaper with time

ROBERT S. Buick in a letter (TMB, 16/11/17) supporting a new coal power station says they have an economic life of 50-60 years but solar panels would need to be replaced twice and wind about seven times in that period.

He forgets to mention that a coal station would undergo major maintenance many times in that time.

Wind consists of a propeller driving a generator. A coal station is a boiler supplying steam to a turbine that drives a generator.

Why would the wind generator need replacing more often than the coal generator? What about maintenance of the other coal components?

Solar has no moving parts so requires much less maintenance.

The replacement of the panels would be the equivalent of major maintenance, as all the structures, inverter, transformers and other components do not need replacement.

Forget all this talk of individual parts. There is a number that is used to compare the electricity cost of various technologies, the Levelised Cost of Electricity, it includes construction cost along with the cost of fuel, operation, maintenance etc.

Three reports from organisations that are unlikely to be biased in favour of renewables are Finkel, commissioned by the Coalition Government; CO2CRC, a research body partially funded by the mining industry; and the Mining Council of Australia, a body set up by the mining industry to lobby on their behalf.

All three reports have the LCOE for wind and solar cheaper now.

Finkel has solar with battery storage equal to coal in cost by 2025 and CO2CRC has it equal in 2027, both much earlier than a coal station could be built.

All renewables get cheaper with time.

Tom Bradbury

Norman Gardens

Trade-offs come with controversial issues

NOW the majority of Australians have voted for same-sex marriage, it is to be hoped that for the benefit of our future young Australians, our "learned" parliamentarians from all parties in their discussions will include documenting and safeguarding relevant details for future surrogacy and adoption practices.

This is very important for obvious reasons that should not require explanation.

I have previously mentioned there are often "trade-offs" or consequences that accompany controversial issues. It follows then, and only time will tell, if children from the two-dads and two-mums families will be able to trace their ancestors after a lapse of a few generations.

John Blanchfield


Thanksgiving not kind to turkeys

A MASSACRE is about to take place in the US. A colossal massacre that will take the lives of 45million individuals.

Each one will die in a gruesome, terrifying and painful manner. Will horror, outrage and disbelief ensue following this carnage and bloodshed?

Not at all. On the contrary, this massacre will be joyfully embraced by the majority of Americans because it is the turkey massacre that takes place at Thanksgiving every year.

How did a meal that was first celebrated to give thanks for the rain that ended a drought and saved the harvest turn into this bloodbath?

But let us not forget that in a very short time, here in Australia, there will be another turkey massacre and the reason for it will be just as non-nonsensical.

The unfortunate turkeys in Australia will be massacred to celebrate the birth of the "Prince of Peace".

Jenny Moxham

Monbulk, Vic

Unimpressed with Nicholls's plan

TIMMY may well wind up with a spell standing in the corner for this one. If elected, he asserts, teachers will be required to sit new tests to... wait for it... "to get back to basics".

Undoubtedly, teachers and parents will be very impressed with the consequences of such long range foresight.

Bob Lansdowne


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