LETTERS: Different standards for them and us

POLITICIANS, you have to love them because they fill us with so much amusement and amazement as they tread the floors of parliament house.

This time Barnaby Joyce has managed to roll these two sensations up in the one bundle when he and Vikki Campion decided to play mummies and daddies.

Now this state of affairs created a great amount of dysfunction within Barnaby's office and a well paying position was arranged in the office of our one and only Matt Canavan.

Apparently no one has ever held that position before and it ceased to exist when Vikki Campion moved to the office of chief national whip Damian Drum.

I reckon that a person's private life should be that, private but Barnaby is such a high flyer in political circles the media would reckon he is big news whatever he does. My gripe about this whole affair is the way taxpayer dollars are treated.

Apparently it is quite okay to utilize them in such a manner and makes one wonder at what else goes on within the bowels of parliament house.

It also highlights the difference in standard of accountability set by our politicians as against that which is expected from the peasants.

Hang on, I thought I just saw some smoke rising above the far southern horizon.

Kev Hopkins

West Rockhampton

Church has lost its voice in modern era

THE Church has lost its voice, once again it is as Spurgeon once said, "the church is asleep and needs a loud voice to awaken it!”

There are signs all around us that we put off as "Mother Nature”. The Old Testament prophets knew these were warning signs from God and were victimised for telling the truth. Today, unfortunately, we have no prophets or messengers with enough internal fortitude to say what God wants us to say.

The word repent is never mentioned and so the God- set boundaries are expanded until they are no longer recognised as God's law, now it is more laws made by man to suit his lifestyle.

There has been a growing emphasis on the Rapture, and the enormous effect it will have worldwide, but don't get excited for the Raptured will be dedicated and truthful followers of Christ Jesus.

Sunday church-goers may not even make the cut.

There may not be the millions expected by some, but it may even struggle to make the thousands.

Far too many changes to law, far too much leniency in our courts and not enough of what Christianity demands: love, peace and the rights of all.

At 86 this will probably be my last letter, and my final statement of fact is biblical, from the Book of Revelation.

There is much to happen between the Rapture, and the second coming of Christ.

The Church as we know it is to be purified and dressed as a bride for the coming of its King.

Alan Shinkfield


Keep the Causeway clean of rubbish

I HAD a day off a while back so decided to do a bit of exploring. I walked up along the southern bank of The Causeway lake and really enjoyed the view and the wildlife, that was until I got to the top of the lake and found the rubbish.

Empty stubby bottles and so many one-use plastic bottles. I followed a little trail at the corner and came down to the water's edge near a sign that said Coolwaters Conservation Park and yep, all over the ground in front of the sign was more rubbish.

I assume that this is left by people who call themselves fishermen as there were sticks stuck into the sand where they had set up their rods and drag marks where they had come ashore. Really guys, they are probably the same people who say how wonderful the area is and how much they enjoy it.

Well keep up that rot and it will not be beautiful for long. Yes I picked up and carried back what I could but in my view it should have not been left there in the first place.

Would be great if everyone who uses the lake could manage to bring back not only their own rubbish but a bit of the other stuff as well. Hope some of the real fishers who use the lake can start the ball rolling.

Bob Pacey


Smokers take my breath away

FADING now into the mists of time are the days when I was a slave to smoking.

And so as an ex-smoker I may not be the ideal critic of those who have not been so fortunate as I have been in kicking the habit.

And no doubt there are many who for whatever reason do not wish to quit in spite of the less than subtle pressure on them to do so.

Smokers are people too, who experience all that the rest of us experience in life but with the additional stigma that they must feel from the rest of us.

I always want to apologise when I have to move away from the close proximity of cigarette smoke but the fact is, even a brief whiff tightens my bronchial area and I embark on a mini panic attack because I can't breathe normally.

I sometime fail to carry my inhaler and it can result in a long, uncomfortable bus ride home. And because I rely on buses, I have to endure nearly every time I'm at the Stockland bus terminal, waiting next to a smoker, away from whom I know I must move without being too obvious.

I was under the impression that smoking is prohibited within some distance of a bus stop, but unfortunately there are still smokers who don't share my angst at our shared situation. Non-smokers are people too, many like myself who don't wish to offend.

Al Byrnand


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