ICE, BABY: Tom Bradbury says polar ice at the north and south poles is melting.
ICE, BABY: Tom Bradbury says polar ice at the north and south poles is melting.

LETTERS: Displacement claim doesn't hold water

ROBERT Buick, TMB 19/10/17, claims that any increase in sea levels is due to the increasing displacement of ships and the effect of land reclamation.

This would be infinitely small and would not register on sea level instrumentation.

He says that if you get into a bath you will see the water depth increase. Well if you turn on the taps the depth will also increase.

Sea level increase is mainly due to two things: volumetric expansion as the sea warms and the melting of ice either wholly or partially supported by land.

Glaciers around the world are melting. Ice sheets and permafrost on Greenland and the northern parts of Asia, Europe, Canada and Alaska are melting.

As in the northern hemisphere, ice is melting in Antarctica. Huge chunks of ice shelves in Antarctica, some bigger than Tasmania, are breaking away.

If these were partially resting on the sea bed that will cause an increase in sea level.

If this is not the case they do affect the sea level. The ice shelves act as brakes on the flow of the glaciers to the sea. These glaciers will melt more quickly in seawater than they would if left on land.

Tom Bradbury

Norman Gardens

Lisa Wilkinson exit reflects inequality

THE same mentality which justifies the perpetuation and escalation of "domestic violence” in our society, is reiterated in pay inequality.

Because of the lack of respect for females, denial of their great contribution and a lack of accountability and recognition by "superiors”: those they deem "inferior” are devalued financially!

Low self-esteem and insecurity among men is primarily the root cause of a culture of under-valuing females and their contributions, by men in powerful positions.

Up against a culture of empowerment of overseers, maintained by the conspiracy of silence of "superiors”, women's worth is still not on a par with men, leaving women exposed to less of everything, except work.

Women bear the greater proportion of juggling work and family alike, in any society. However, the imbalance is maintained.

Thus the sudden exit of Lisa Wilkinson from Channel 9's breakfast "Today” show, over renewal of her contract and pay dispute. Channel 9 deems Karl Stefanovic's contribution to the same show, was worth the annual $2 million he's paid. In our third millennium society, any person who does equal work, deserves equal pay.

Her $1.1 million fell short of Karl's pay by almost half.

Inequity for women in the workplace and home is rather "convenient” for men and business.

It suits their egos and self-esteem to think they are worth more and superior, underscored by their pay levels, compared with their female colleagues.

This inequity in our society and institutions has to stop. It won't stop until women see themselves as equally valued and demand, like Lisa, a better deal.

This is a watershed in the treatment of women globally. The denigration of women in any society, has many ugly and unjust facets, not always obvious.

Women world-wide are voting with their feet.

Eloise Rowe

Tannum Sands

CQ deserves better than GKI blame game

THE people of central Queensland deserve more than the blame game being played by the Member for Keppel (RMB, 23.10.17).

Her irresponsible comments are a blatant attempt to hide her own lack of support for both Rookwood Weir and the Great Keppel Island Resort redevelopment, which combined would create more jobs than the entire Carmichael mine project.

Investment funding for GKI needs the business case to stack up - whether through NAIF or private investment. There is only one thing needed to make this viable and that's the Integrated Resort Development Licence.

Ms. Lauga conveniently forgets the numerous opportunities she has had to fully support the project and instead wants to blame the Deputy Prime Minister and NAIF program.

The responsibility for approving the licence is solely in the hands of the Palaszczuk Government and is what the Member for Keppel was elected to fight for.

Any other talk of bits and bobs for the Island only detracts from the main game of getting this project under way.

I am very sure of how the majority of the community feels about procrastination over GKI! PS: How many days is it since the $2 million was made available for the Rookwood Weir business case?

Peter Blundell, LNP Candidate for Keppel

Identify the Bully's double entendres

I AM one of those odd-bods who keep an eye on the world's volcanologists updates and predictions.

I have been at it for a few years now and my interest was probably piqued after living on the North Island of New Zealand for a while.

It may also have been peaked if you prefer that spelling (both are correct) and the latter certainly is more appropriate to the subject.

In the NZ environment a smoking summit had a totally different meaning and context from the headlines on page 2 of Monday's Bully, where we read, "Smoking Summit to Improve Health in CQ”.

I can't think of anything that might improve one's health from a smoking volcano but my understanding soon caught up with my weird sense of humour. This "double entendre” is one of many to pop up in our local daily and it may be of interest for readers to identify them in a text.

Al Byrnand


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