Harry's view on Margaret Strelow's time as mayor.
Harry's view on Margaret Strelow's time as mayor.

LETTERS: Failing system must take some responsibility


Not a level playing field

Responsibility for social justice and equity for all Australians, rests with government departments of the day.

After 250 years of loss of cultural identity and recognition, our first nation citizens are challenged with assimilation.

When this fails on the basis of ethnicity or low socio-economic demographics, prejudice and bias inhibit the positive development of whole families.

The loss of cultural identity and nurture compounds with impossible challenges of abuse and addiction, a consequence of failing the vulnerable.

With an over-representation of first nation citizens in our public institutions and welfare dependent, children are most at risk with difficulty finding their place in a world juxtaposed with their reality.

When they resort to breaking out, appropriating what has been denied to them, no-one wins.

One reckless child at 17, with little to lose, takes risks, allegedly takes lives and his life is now over.

Still a child in the eyes of a law he doesn’t compute, he’ll pay a high price for being another victim of a system which failed him.

This failing system must take some responsibility.

- Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands


Harry's view on Margaret Strelow's time as mayor.
Harry's view on Margaret Strelow's time as mayor.


ANON. Make a detention jail out bush until they are 18, then if they break the law - jail, jail, jail. Oh no, the bleeding hearts will come out in their defence. Cry me a river.

ANON. Re Crime News 20/01/21, “Intruder living in ceiling”; Thanks Mel, I have spent much time in ceiling spaces in my past working life in the electrical trade, and I find it hard to believe how, (short of Flowers in the Attic movie), anyone could possibly be living in the high temperature ceiling space of a home here in Rockhampton’s summer.


People will be able to get their COVID-19 jabs for free at their local pharmacy.

Jeoff Gilson: The big question that hasn’t been answered is what are the ingredients?

Richard Ferdinands: Bill Gates can have mine I’ve already been vaccinated against this lie.

Adam Laughton: If the government give you something for free ask yourself this, nothing is for free, everything has a price.

Gabrielle Williamson: For a virus that dosen’t even exist.

Lyn Edmistone: No from me.

Jan Doblo: Just hope the pharmacists ask questions; to make sure each person is suitable for the jab.

Rhiannon Nutsch: My son has a complex respiratory condition. Last week we flew down to Brisbane and while I was there I asked his Dr what he thought. He told me he will absolutely be getting it. His daughter is a Dr in the UK and has had two doses with no concerns. I have an aunt nursing in the UK and a cousin in the UK who has been vaccinated also. I am very sceptical about the vaccine, however with my son’s condition and my heart condition I am giving very serious, careful consideration about receiving this vaccine.

Lisa Jasperson: I apparently have to get it just so I can earn money and go to work looks like I’ll be quitting my job and be looking for a job that does not require the jab. FYI im not a anti-vaxxer but think it has been rushed and not enough trials done on the long term effects.

Bob List: Thank you for your input anti-vaxers. Now let the rest of us do what we want.


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