Harry's view on Rocky's mayoral by-election day.
Harry's view on Rocky's mayoral by-election day.

LETTERS: Government has its head in the sand on coal mines


A fair transition

The Australian Government is about to throw coal industry workers under the bus.

Twelve coal power stations in Australia have closed since 2013.

Renewable energy is now cheaper than coal.

Numerous countries have declared they will be carbon neutral by 2050.

The writing is on the wall; a full transition out of coal is coming and it is coming soon.

Around the world, governments and stakeholders are considering how to implement a “just transition” from coal to clean energy – a transition that’s fair for local workers and communities in coal regions.

But that is not happening in Australia.

Quite the opposite is happening.

Our Federal Government seems to have its collective head in the sand as it continues to promote the expansion of the coal industry and stands behind reef destroying mines. Remember when our Prime Minister, Mr Morrison, brought a lump of (varnished) coal into the parliament, brandishing it as he extolled the coal industry’s virtues.

As well, the government has also done its best to support coal-fired power generation.

It has strongarmed private companies to keep ageing coal-fired power stations open.

It has even considered subsidising new ones with taxpayer money.

Why won’t the government acknowledge that coal is no longer a viable source of energy and support coal workers with a fair transition plan?

It might have something to do with how mining and gas companies have ramped up their spending on political parties in recent years and now outstrip property developers and other big donors.

The enormous amounts donated by a sector whose existence depends on the issuing of government permits is just too cosy and highly suspect.

But at the end of the day, the world, including Australia, will soon move beyond coal. Without a fair transition plan, the coal workers and their communities will pay a heavy price.

T ony Fontes, Airlie Beach

Waiting for Wind

Australia’s elected appeasers

Push mad energy plans, just as teasers.

But while coal powers Asians

And nukes help caucasians

Dumb Aussies sit praying for breezes!

Viv Forbes, Washpool


Harry's view on Rocky's mayoral by-election day.
Harry's view on Rocky's mayoral by-election day.


ANON. Hope we never get to the point where we have an 80-year-old PM. After all, the government tells us when we can retire.


While the federal government has assured Australians the coronavirus vaccine will not be mandatory, some employers may say otherwise.

John Fisher: Against my religion.

Joshua Neinert: If everyone refused then we can make a change, businesses, hospitals, defence force will all shut down. It is our bodies, it is our choice.

Liz Foyster: No jab, no pay is something ScoMo started before he was PM. The beginnings of loss of our freedom.

Lisa Jasperson: So they say all those that work in the health industry like hospitals and caring for the vulnerable are to have the vaccine … but what if they all refuse and no one is able to care for people. Yes we do need to work so we can live but surely they can’t make you have it if all refuse it.

Anthony Reabel: They can sack me then.

Greg Mccormack: Gunna be more people on the dole.


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