LETTERS: HELE coal-fired power station a pipe dream


Low energy (HELE) coal-fired power station in Collinsville a political pipe dream

Right from the start, the proposal to build a high efficiency, low energy (HELE) coal-fired power station in Collinsville (or anywhere else in Australia) was nothing more than a political pipe dream.

The pipe dream is fast becoming a sad and expensive farce.

The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) is questioning the propriety of the grant process that saw Shine Energy awarded $3.3 million to complete a feasibility study on said Collinsville power plant, despite a departmental assessment concluding there was a significant risk that Shine Energy would be unable to deliver the feasibility study the grant was supposed to fund.

To date, despite repeated extensions of the due date, Shine Energy has been unable to conduct a bankable feasibility study, the key criteria of the grant.

The truth of the matter; Shine Energy was behind the Eight ball right from the start. Why? Two reasons: 1. Shine Energy has never built anything ever, much less a HELE coal-fired power plant and 2. No one wants a coal-fired power station in the region. In fact, the Australian Energy Council rejected the proposal as it was lacking a commercial case.

The bottom line: Shine Energy should never have been given $3.3 million of taxpayer's money.

How did we get to this point?

You can thank a couple of Queensland LNP MPs; Mr. George Christensen and Mr. Matt Canavan. Together they touted the benefits of a coal-fired power plant, claiming the need for more energy in Queensland and that coal is a cheaper option than renewables.

Too bad they didn't do their homework. Both assumptions have been shown to be bogus. As more and more renewable energy comes online in Queensland, coal is fast becoming an expensive, unnecessary and very polluting source of energy.

Tony Fontes

Jubilee Pocket


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Charissa Nalder - Is this the boy from North Rocky high recently attacked by a girl?

And well done fellas for giving him something positive in his week. 👌

Kellie Brookman - Charissa Nalder yes it is

Jan Doblo - Great stuff guys

Kerri Potter Turner - Hope the bullies see this and realise that good things, come to good people. ❤️

Sandra Hoffman - Awesome gesture guys, hope he feels good

Fee Clanfield - Such great blokes.

Alison Lockett - God bless you, fellas!

Keeley Lawrence - So cool!! Is this the little fella that was on the video that was circulating.?

Tamara Mills - Keeley Lawrence yes

Keeley Lawrence - Tamara Mills ohhh that's awesome. I saw that devastating video … so glad to see he's OK and experiencing some happiness in his life😍

Lana N Bob Holley - You guys are amazing 🤩

Melanie Roberts - You guys rock🤘🏼

Trudy Poustie - This is amazing 💕



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