LETTERS: Hidden fallout of COVID-19 restrictions



The State Labor government has come up with great strategies to boost Queensland's recovery from the worst effects of the killer COVID-19.

"Buy locally, hire locally" as well as massive investments in infrastructure and holidaying within the State are essential to supporting Queensland jobs and businesses.

All Debbie Frecklington can suggest is "tighten the belt", and we all know how disastrous that can be.

Labor's actions may create a large debt, but remaining prosperous is the most effective way of dealing with any debt.

Paul Hoolihan, Yeppoon




The hidden fallout of the COVID-19 restrictions period, which seems to have no ending, is the threat of mental instability.

As it is, our governments have failed to address mental illness, despite its invisibility in normal circumstances.

The drawn-out pandemic rules and regulations only add to the fear and instability of victims.

While it is an illness normally undetected, it manifests mainly in closed quarters, when its victims are under enormous pressure.

This lockdown and restrictive period in our lives, is the ideal breeding ground for open display of mental breakdown of unprecedented proportions.

The day to day existence, when life is so unpredictable, can set the manic wheels in motion.

Close quarters and forced contact with those unstable in normal times, have dire consequences for those forced to live with family members who need physical and mental support from outside for their illness.

This isn't helped by curfew and travel restrictions, controlled by government policies and policing with threats.

It is such circumstances which exacerbate negative outcomes, such as "relationship violence", increased drug and alcohol abuse and neglect.

These are deadly threats to our safety and security in lockdown, in particular.

The whole nation suffers.

This is difficult to control and police, with law enforcement concentrating on rule breakers.

It is a deadly consequence to an already deadly threat to our lives and livelihoods, behind closed doors in particular. It is the invisible threat to our nation, which ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions seem to overlook or address.

Eloise Rowe

Tannum Sands






A proposed new development on Rocky's busiest highway has come under question due to a number of conflicting issues. READ MORE: Proposed service station to be first of the brand in Rocky

Scott Sampson - 'First of the brand', must be a 7/11. Would probably include their Crispy Creme donuts also. That's something Rockhampton has wanted for ages lol

Zoe Jaggs - If it's a 7/11 yes please

Ann Kirk - It would be very good for trucks heading north. Can't fuel up anywhere from Marmor to Marlborough.

Evan Unwin - Well we more motels than we need and no one complains, but can't understand why you would put another servo there with the bypass going in

Michael Newmann - Evan Unwin a bypass is the Highway moving to go AROUND a city or town … the Bruce Hwy isn't moving.

A ring road is designed to allow easy access to different parts of a town or city without having to go all the way through it … that's what we are getting.

Evan Unwin - Michael Newmann still bypasses the city

Michael Newmann - Evan Unwin its not a bypass … it's a ring road … VERY big difference.

George Smith - well with another the price of fuel will come down ha ha

Luana Hudson - This road already has 2 servos on it, BP and the United (pie face). It does not need another!

Mark Hughes - 7/11 be good

Sharon Gr - More than likely Liberty Fuel. We've had an explosion of 5 of them here in Tsvl in the last 6 mths.

Chris Sinclair - Rocky doesn't need any more servos! Who is this servo?

Leesa Tomlinson - No concerns for other locals





I C Lammermoor- What stupidity from a Commonwealth government. NSW has the gold standard in COVID tracing compared to Victoria. Let us see, Victoria did not let the Ruby Princess dock in Australia.



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