Letter writer Doug Belot's map of Israel, showing the country (red) surrounded by enemies green).
Letter writer Doug Belot's map of Israel, showing the country (red) surrounded by enemies green). None

LETTERS: Israel's land had not been Jewish for many years

RE: Doug Belot's map in TMB 03/07/18.

In my previous letter, I mentioned that it was the US's foreign policy to help keep Israel out of its mess no matter what the consequences were.

As a result, Doug Belot posted a map showing how poor innocent Israel is surrounded by the big bad Muslim nations who want even more of its territory. Let us discuss this.

Firstly, Israel was created out of the former Ottoman Turk empire after WWI, where it became a protectorate of Britain. During this time, the vast population was Muslim, it was a Muslim country and had been for well over a thousand years. Any control or contrivance that the Jews of Israel had over the territory was long ago destroyed by the Roman Empire when the emperors Vespasian and later Hadrian destroyed Jerusalem and kicked the Jews out. The end.

For nearly two thousand years, the Jews wandered about the land, whilst bemoaning their lot in life. Guess what? Other countries have been created and destroyed and their surviving remnants do not demand from leading countries the right to have their land back, do they? It is a natural evolution of empire forging and folding.

The Greeks are not asking for control of Turkey back, after its conquest by Alexander the Great. France isn't asking for Quebec to be brought back into its empire. No, these parcels of land are part of another modern country and life has moved on. But not so for the Jews of Israel.

These people demanded, bribed and coerced their way into letting the British hand over the protectorate to them and the the US's whole foreign policy in the Middle East has been centred on Israel from there on in, maintaining their hegemony over the land. They flooded the country with immigrants to make sure that there was enough feet on the ground to "justify” their control of the land originally owned by the Palestinians.

In short, the surrounding Muslim countries are not wanting necessarily to destroy Israel, though its treatment of the native Palestinians is appalling and quite genocidal. They merely want the invaders out of the land of their co-religionists territory. Israel wags the dog of the US and, to some extent other European countries, to maintain their illegal stranglehold on the land they stole.

Israel is a failed state propped up because of the foreign policy and cash injections of the US, which Israel supports via special interest groups in the US. Without the US, Israel would fall like a house of cards.

Michael J. Ireland


Renewable energy is cheaper than coal

ROBROY, text 3/7/18, asks how can electric vehicle batteries be charged without coal-fired power.

Well, electricity is electricity is electricity. Wires, batteries and machinery do not know how the energy is generated. Take a look at the Merc EQC in TMB 29/6/18 specs. 70 kWh battery will drive this heavy SUV 500km. From the Ergon bill, a four- member family uses about 15kWh per day, five of these houses will use about 70kWh per day. If you cannot supply the battery, how do you supply these houses?

He goes on to ask why is it we can supply the world coal for cheap power that will produce small amounts of CO2.

As I have shown in a number of previous letters, renewable energy is cheaper than coal and is getting cheaper. As for the small amount of CO2, look at the best estimate for emissions from HELE generators in the Finkel Report: it is 0.7 tonne per MWh. Look at building one of these with the same capacity as the 1400 MW Stanwell station. If the station generated at its full capacity for 24 hours, the daily emission would be 0.7 X 1400 X 24 = 23,520 tonnes.

Not small in my mind.

Tom Bradbury

Norman Gardens

Making way for the 'post-truth era'

TRY reading what post-modern sociologists, scientists and philosophers have to say about reality and you will begin to doubt (just as they want) that everything that has been real to you all your life was in fact nothing more than a personal perception.

Quantum physicists have thrown a real spanner in the works of what we thought was real by proving reality is an illusion, everything is energy and reality isn't real.

Some inquiring minds might wonder what the CERN Large Hadron Collider actually achieved beyond smashing particles.

According to scientists, the greatest discovery they have made thanks to the LHC is that "the physical world is not as physical as was previously believed. Reality is an illusion as we see it, instead everything around us is just energy”.

Those same scientists argue that, "the more we discover about the subatomic world, the more we discover that we know nothing about the true nature of reality at all”.

This leads some astute observers to consider that "the scientific dictatorship is built on the premise that the masses can be programmed via the media using scientific mind control and propaganda”.

My own struggle with getting my head around many of these intellectual arguments is fuelled by my desire for truth. If there is no commitment to truth, our perceptions will dictate reality and we have plenty of evidence of that in our modern PC society.

This observation has led some commentators to describe the time in which we live as The Post-Truth Era.

I am inclined to agree.

Al Byrnand


Rightly proud of those who aid less fortunate

HOW proud we are of local schools, children and businesses and voluntary organisations such as Rotary, which participate together in shoe-box deliveries to East Timor school children, displaying generosity in small amounts from large hearts.

It teaches children to appreciate our quality of life in Australia. It seems to be catching on, with more and more schools involved, teaching children about our global village and how the other half live. How blessed we are in Australia to have access to all we need, provided by our governments and established institutions.

Children learn: "It is better to give than receive”, realising that geographical location has a lot to do with standard of living and opportunity.

With the Western lifestyle we have here, it is difficult to appreciate that not all children globally can succeed and live to their potential.

We see many heart-breaking visions of children in need simply of clean water, in war-torn nations where civil war, drought and corruption is rife. While our cost of living is relatively high, it cannot compare to the poverty in developing nations, where children forego food, clean water and education, doomed to exist without a chance to escape their poverty.

To have such compassion for the hardship of others, promotes a more inter-connected global community. Investing in education is the key to overcoming poverty and leads to a better quality of life. "There but for the grace of God, go we.”

Eloise Rowe

Tannum Sands

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