Craig Jarvis, president of Central Queensland Motor Sporting Club Inc, has spoken of the benefits a motor sports track would bring to the region.
Craig Jarvis, president of Central Queensland Motor Sporting Club Inc, has spoken of the benefits a motor sports track would bring to the region. Allan Reinikka ROK101216arallysp

LETTERS: Motor sport track would benefit Rocky

I WOULD like to congratulate Craig Jarvis, president of Central Queensland Motor Sporting Club Inc, for his letter to the editor, TMB 6/9/17 "Motorsport dollars could be Rocky's”, stipulating the benefits to our region for a motor sports track.

I believe that such a facility could not only benefit our region for an economic boost in hosting motor sports events but could also be utilised by emergency services departments, driver training and motoring enthusiasts as well.

Our region needs an economic shot in the arm to support our businesses that in turn can support jobs growth and bring wealth back into our community.

I support projects that I believe will support our region not only in economic benefits but also in road safety benefits.

The amount of people that have been involved in accidents in our region lately could certainly benefit from training on a controlled track environment where advanced training could be safely provided.

The following is an open letter of support from Evolution in Training:

I believe it is important to have a motor sports/defensive driving track developed for our region, to not only improve road safety but to attract further investment and entertainment into our area from hosting motoring events.

The facility could be utilised by driving schools for driver training and also could be utilised by various government departments such as the police, fire department, ambulance and any other emergency services.

Motor sport events that have been hosted in Townsville, have shown the extent of interest, investment and entertainment that can be developed for an area and I believe Central Queensland could certainly benefit from such a shot in the arm, financially.

I encourage anyone that is prepared to develop this facility as our region needs an area for both training road safety and for hosting motor sports events.

Evolution In Training supports any proposal that will improve road safety and improve economic development for our region.

Leyland Barnett

North Rockhampton

You don't have to be married to be in love

THERE has been a lot of coverage for the Yes campaign by the media.

The reasons for the change are questionable. Love is quoted.

This does not mean you have to be married to love someone.

The sob stories and treatment of some homosexuals may be true, but will this change if the Yes wins? It may even cause more resentment towards them. Equality is also quoted.

This can never occur. Marriage is for man and woman to include producing children. Two men or two women together can never achieve this.

The privileges available to married people and couples in a de facto relationship are the same. What is the real agenda?

Yes will mean a slap in the face for all Christians who believe in God's Law which suggests the Yes people do not.

Will churches be forced to marry the Yes people or face imprisonment if they do not? I accept homosexuals' lifestyle but I do not accept them trying to change my Christian beliefs.

I urge all people to vote as if you do not the government could accept this as a Yes vote.

Ron Lorraway

St Rockhampton

NRL CEO needs to take his own advice

WHEN I was a kid growing up, like all kids, we were told that if you did not understand what was being said or done, to ask questions so that you could understand what was being asked of you or why you were told to do so.

We all know that the game of rugby league has evolved and changed over the years, and now each rule has about five different interpretations and the average rugby league fan has no idea of why that decision was reached.

But in this day and age we have very astute coaches who have to know the rules inside out, but when they ask a question of the NRL officials, the NRL CEO has given his best advice, and that is to grow up!

No explanation, just telling grown men to grow up, one would assume that when asked a question and you cannot give an answer, that you are just as confused as the person who asked the relevant question.

If we are to give our game back to the people and not the corporate dollar, I would like to think that Todd Greenburg and the NRL would "grow up” and start to listen to those that are most important to the NRL and that being the fans.

One would ask, Todd, that if your salary was cut by $500,000 would you require an answer ,when you asked the question? Or would you be satisfied with "Grow up Greenburg?”

Jack Lewis


Gov't should spend money on a new jail

SO a vicious assailant could be out after five months.

Spend the money (that probably you haven't got) on a new jail, bigger enough to hold at least 200 persons.

Build it out central north/west to help local jobs, jobs, jobs.

G. Townsend

Emu Park

Shoplifters targeted by police as CCTV images released

premium_icon Shoplifters targeted by police as CCTV images released

Have you seen these men suspected of shoplifting?

Two charged over vicious hammer home invasion

premium_icon Two charged over vicious hammer home invasion

The man was brutally attacked in his home and his motorbike stolen

Cycling's rising star and seasoned master strike gold

premium_icon Cycling's rising star and seasoned master strike gold

Rocky riders blitz rivals at state track championships