Mathew Bing says coal-fired power stations are a good idea for Adani, but not for the people of Queensland.
Mathew Bing says coal-fired power stations are a good idea for Adani, but not for the people of Queensland. David Davies

LETTERS: New coal-fired power is not 'bankable'

FOR the past two weeks, George Christensen has placed two-page ads in regional newspapers in support of a new coal-fired power station in Central Queensland. No doubt this will continue until after the state election, as LNP's Tim Nicholls and ONP's Pauline Hanson also think it is a good idea.

It's a good idea for Adani, but it's not a good idea for the people of Queensland.

There is no such thing as "clean coal”. In fact, Queensland already has four of the very sexy "ultra super critical” coal-fired power stations, (Callide C, Tarong North, Millmerran, Kogan Creek) and these are only a marginal 9.5% more efficient than other coal- fired power stations, and cost between 20 and 40 per cent more to build.

Right now, private enterprise will not invest in these super duper stations as they are unbankable, especially when compared to renewables. A new coal- fired power station can only be built using Queensland taxpayers' money.

Right now, renewable energy costs $60 to $70 per KWH while new coal fired power price is $75 per KWH.

The coal-fired power plant will take seven to 10 years to build, will cost more and take longer than a renewable plant. In seven to 10 years, rapidly developing renewable energy technology will make the cost difference even greater, and we might even have a carbon tax by then for the sake of our future.

So in spite of George Christensen's reassurance, if Queenslanders want to reduce power costs, they will not support a new coal- fired power plant.

This thought bubble is just another taxpayer subsidy for Adani, the only beneficiary of this scheme.

Mathew Bing

Greens Candidate for Burdekin

Pass legislation to end citizenship woes

PARLIAMENT should pass legislation giving full citizenship recognition to all born here and any foreign entitlement unknown, unacknowledged and unaccepted has no validity at law.

An unaccepted entitlement does not validate the entitlement.

Such would negate and thus indirectly overrule the current decision by invalidating the base of the decision by adding a legal recognition of Australian citizenship and that as no acceptance nor allegiance of foreign citizenship had been made, therefore did not exist, while still upholding the Constitution referring to people who hold or had accepted foreign citizenship.

GJ May


Adani fight is example of karma

THE idea of "karma” originated in ancient India.

While there have been many different religious and ethical interpretations on exactly how it works, a commonly understood feature is that actions from a person or group can cause balancing effects to restore justice far into the future.

When the British took over India in the 17th century it was not through an armed invasion. The whole affair commenced as a trading expedition under the British East India Company.

Over the next two centuries the balance of power gradually shifted until India was totally subservient to the Empire.

Indians were disadvantaged by unfair trading terms with the British, who paid themselves ridiculous salaries for the hardship of having to go over there and rule. The British took away huge "gifts” from local leaders in return for their patronage. There was never any shortage of gifts due to the policy of divide and conquer, with regional leaders lining up to be the next proxy governor for the British at any cost.

In the end it destroyed the Indian economy. Their share of world economic output dropped from 27% in 1700 to just over 3% at the time of Independence in 1947.

The total value of wealth extracted by the British during their period of rule is estimated at three trillion US dollars in today's money.

If Indians who lived under the Raj could see what the Adani issue is doing to Australia now I am sure they would feel a sense of karma. Our tribal leaders are falling over themselves to provide "gifts” such as council-funded airstrips in return for patronage.

Our politicians have been divided like never before.

With foreign political donations still allowed in this country, we don't know who is actually a puppet leader. The plan is for the wealth to be extracted overseas through tax havens right under our noses instead of being reinvested into the economy of this country.

The Queensland Premier is to be congratulated for taking a stand on the $1 billion NAIF loan to Adani.

This is a risky political move but it is the right thing to do. Adani needs to put up their own money to mine our coal.

Why should taxpayers in this country pay $1 billion to be the jewel in Gautam Adani's crown?

Robert Forsythe


Are Saudis moving to dictatorship?

SAUDI Arabia's Crown Prince arresting other princes and national leaders: is it really a "campaign against corruption” or perhaps step one towards one-man dictatorship?

Prince Muhammad calls himself a "moderate”, not like the terrorist Wahhabists or the terrorist- sponsoring nearby Shi'ite states.

Aren't all ideologies the same?

Nice-sounding words, but inspired by a founder who recruited by coercion and mass killings.

It's not just Islam.

One hundred years ago this month was Russia's Marxist-based Communist Revolution.

At first the talk was nice - then came killings and forced starvation -- the worst in history.

Consider Australian government schools, classroom teaching of religion eradicated in the name of tolerance.

Next comes bullying of students into believing gender-cult doctrines, including how a mockery of natural marriage is "normal”. This is the work of Marxists, calling themselves "progressives”.

The longer it goes on, the harder it will be to reverse.

Arnold Jago

Nichols Point

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