Celebrating Australia Day at Buderim are Elvira, 7, and Diego, 10, Ibarra.
Celebrating Australia Day at Buderim are Elvira, 7, and Diego, 10, Ibarra. Patrick Woods

LETTERS: Not proud of our representatives

I AM a non-Indigenous Australian and proud to be same. I am however not proud of the performance of some of our politicians who are elected to represent all of the electorate.

I am one of those who think we should celebrate this great country of ours but I can also see the "other side” of some of the issues and do not simply dismiss them as "utter garbage” or consider this issue a "silly debate”.

The fact is that Australia Day being celebrated on January 26th is wrong in any case. Australia did not exist at the time of 26th January 1788, in fact it was only after Matthew Flinders circumnavigated the continent in 1817 that he recommended to Governor Macquarie that the continent be called Australia.

The Australia Day holiday was not celebrated at that time. A holiday has been celebrated to some extent but it was referred to as Foundation Day or First Landing Day in the 1800s and was originally only celebrated in New South Wales.

In 1838 it was a holiday called to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the formation of the colony - not Australia.

Other states joined with New South Wales to celebrate the day on the centenary in 1888 but again it was called Foundation Day or Anniversary Day.

My point here is that this so called sacred day could still be a day of celebration but technically it is wrong to call it Australia Day and if the name was changed to better reflect the meaning of the day the problem is solved. Mind you this would still not justify the poor performance of those who seem to see it only as a day for people to make money or for some to take political pot shots at others. Both of these points should have no consideration in this matter.

Alan Nicholson

Mt Chalmers

Diversity does

not equal unity

WHY are we continuing to appease the childlike cries coming from the minorities and their crusader-in-arms, the social justice warriors, over Australia Day being abolished?

It offends the Aboriginals - is that the best reason for ridding ourselves of a day and its inherent celebrations of national unity? Surely you jest! It is about uniting us all into one collective, one nation of which, obviously, the Aboriginals and subsequent minority groups who have come along since (and are not subject to attack by said Aboriginals for the continued invasion!) do not feel like they belong.

Well, I have this to say - if you are going to abolish Australia Day because you do not want to allow White Europeans to have a day of their own, then you should also abolish these days as well:

13th February - National Apology Day

19th March - Close the Gap Day

26th May - National Sorry Day

27th May-3rd June - Reconciliation Week

3rd June - Mabo Day

1st week of July - NAIDOC Week

4th August - National Aboriginal Children Day

9th August - International Day of World's Indigenous People

5th September - Indigenous Literacy Day

I mean, these are also ethno-centric days that are supported by the government and no one whines about them being promoted almost endlessly - oh wait, that is right; it is okay to complain about White Europeans but don't you dare take away anything from the poor oppressed minority group.

Diversity does not equal unity.

To which, if the Aboriginals do not like being part of Australia, then guess what - maybe they should secede and have their own piece of land, like Lesotho in South Africa, away from all of our interference and resources.

Michael J Ireland


Maybe we should fly flags upside down

WITH all the going on about flying the Australia flag at half mast on the Australia day celebrations to denote that it is Invasion Day (sic) .

Instead we should fly our flag upside down which is an international recognised sign of a country's distress and needs help. With all the political bastardy and minority groups' anarchy crap that is taking place, this country is definitely in dire trouble.

NWH Timms


Mighty Dragon was one of the best

AS A rugby league supporter and follower, the passing of the great Graeme Langlands has reopened old memories of the ability and exploits of this "Mighty Dragon”. The successful Saints over many years had some wonderful players and 'Changa' was up there with the best to play the game. My generation of league fans were in awe of his ability to play in any position in the St George backline, be it fullback centre or wing, he was a coach's dream.

The Saints of 2018 may never reach the heights of past Dragon teams, but if they can use some inspiration from the history of Graeme 'Changa' Langlands then the Saints fans are in for a great year.

Even though I am not a fan of the Mighty Saints, it would be a great tribute if all the Saints players could wear white football shoes for a particular game this coming season to honour one of the club's best

Jack Lewis


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717 fires across Queensland in past five days

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