GLOBAL CONSPIRACY: Asylum seekers in detention on Manus Island.
GLOBAL CONSPIRACY: Asylum seekers in detention on Manus Island.

LETTERS: Politicians are being disloyal to this country

THERE is a lot of controversy over immigration, there has always been an immigration system of some sort since day dot.

It has only been since the birth of "World Globalism” by those the who through greed want to control the world and its people, that immigration has become a conspiracy strategy.

The strategy is to flood countries with a mixture of races so that over a period of time, through interbreeding and sheer population, no original indigenous person born of that country will have sovereignty or birthright of that country, culminating in the loss of identity and individuality and becoming just another state under globalisation. I refer to this as the "Invasion from the Crib”!

We now have a problem with illegal refugees and their children in detention centres.

Those who demonstrate for the refugees should look at facts, history and modus operandi of terrorist groups and their method of infiltrating "target countries” setting up bases and operations. There are arguments that "they are only children” which become supposition when it is well documented that in fanatical middle eastern countries that are linked or support terrorism, there is no defined or designated age or gender for being inducted into terrorist organisations, to massacre or sacrifice their own lives to further terrorist causes.

This is being created by our politicians and bureaucrats who are disloyal to this country and people.

NWH Timms


Road maintenance - it's not rocket science

LARRY Acton is correct. I endorse everything mentioned in his letters.

People who live in rural areas and travel on rural gravel roads receive very little; this is a city council which ignores the needs of rural ratepayers.

The mayor states that the maintenance schedule hasn't changed since Fitzroy Shire Council days - I dispute this. At a public meeting at Alton Downs, attended by the RRC CEO, three councillors and managers, I questioned some of their work practices, too many to mention here. One example was grading some roads but leaving others even though the machinery was in the area. A manager replied that he had inspected the road in question and said that under FSC the road would have been graded.

By Larry Acton's letter, nothing has changed. It is common to be told the road is fine when you are driving down the side of the road avoiding corrugations and pot holes. We had to involve the media to get anything done that time.

I recently reported a short section of Murphy Rd full of corrugations. On Thursday I witnessed a bobcat grading the road (is this the council's extra grader?), pushing silt into the corrugations, the same as was carried out the last time that section of road was graded. By Friday the corrugations were starting to reappear.

I spent 48 years working in all aspects of road construction, some of those years at FSC as a construction supervisor where I worked with many brilliant leaders. I was also a foreman-in-charge of another rural shire where gravel roads were always well maintained.

It's not rocket science.

Reg Cowen


Mayor Margaret Strelow's response: There are a number of staff who work for Rockhampton Regional Council who used to work for Fitzroy Shire Council who assure me that, if anything, the maintenance of the roads in the area has increased.

Government's actions not far from science fiction

SILENT Running was a flop as far as being a movie goes. It was every bit as boring as the rubbish they've got you watching today.

However, the storyline was prophetic.

Set in the future, it told of a time when governments had moved Earth's remnant wildernesses to huge greenhouses on spaceships but were sick of maintaining them and ordered that they be crashed into the sun.

One of the caretakers disobeyed and sent them off into deep space instead.

His solution would still have destroyed them in reality, but the movie inferred that he'd somehow saved them (like I said, it was a dud flick).

But that's exactly how the major parties operate!

The Liberals/Nationals have wasted a fortune with offshore detention to delude Australians they're hard on immigration, when the facts are that they're letting in hundreds of thousands of immigrants a year.

Frank Brown


Australians being taken for a ride by hucksters

IF there is to be an enquiry into power prices, the first item on the agenda should be the obscene amount of money poured out in subsidies for wind and solar - renewables.

This is one of the dark secrets of the energy debate.

The Climate Study Group puts the cost - never challenged - at $3 billion a year. This figure should be shouted to the rooftops.

All this to meet mythical emissions targets set under the Paris Accord - targets which other countries like China, India and the US never intend to achieve. All in pursuit of the myth of climate change.

There is even the ludicrous suggestion that we should buy "international carbon credits”, costing up to $4 billion a year by 2030, to meet our obligations under the Agreement.

The Australian people are being taken for a ride by con men and hucksters.

PC Wilson


Camels a way of life in desert areas

RE Diane 14-7-18. So Diane and Jenny don't want camels used for transport, meat or milk.

Typical nonsense, try telling that to Arabs and others in middle-east desert areas where camel has been the only reliable means of provision and transport for 1000s of years.

They are known as "ships of the desert”. In fact, camels are the only desert animals that can carry heavy loads of goods and travel for a long period of time without food or water and so are a vital means of transport for passengers and cargo.

Of course these vegans don't want us or anyone to use any animal products for work, food or sport. Maybe they should try walking across a desert carrying all their gear.

Nev Richards


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