Letters: Quarantine is no guarantee - lives matter


Since Covid-19, 2020 made international travel risky and inadvisable.

Those who ignored the advice and went anyway, now want to come home.

If you leave the safety and jurisdiction of our country contrary to government advice, you are playing Russian Roulette - gambling with your health and security.

Like any gamble, you can’t always win.

We are relatively safe in Australia from outbreaks of Covid, from nations which initially didn’t take this virus seriously.

Indians were seen swimming in the Ganges in their thousands recently, despite the presence of Covid during dangerous previous outbreaks.

Australian citizens stuck in India during this third wave crisis now want the government to rescue them and bring them home.

Complaints of “racism” to blackmail our government to facilitate their repatriation won’t change the outcome - the 15 May deadline holds.

PM Morrison is concerned for our citizens, who have wisely stayed home.

We have done the hard yards here at home with the Covid-19 threat and continue to monitor it.

Opening the door to its most deadly Indian version, will only threaten our security, possibly exacerbating its spread here yet again.

Quarantine is no guarantee - lives matter.

Eloise Rowe,

Tannum Sands.


Harry's View
Harry's View


ROCKY RANGER. Yes, the rubber neckers were out in force yesterday (Thursday) adding to the already huge volume of traffic. The traffic from the south was diverted through Allenstown and was continuous. Maybe some police stationed along Upper Dawson Road directing traffic would have been good. Vehicular traffic had long waits to turn up to the Mater Hospital and other Range Streets.

LPMC. Qld’s Labor supporters voted the likes of Treasure Cameron Dick into Parliament so he could spend Taxpayers Money but now is not required to advise the Public how it is spent it, that’s what you call Accountability Voters. Qantas were given Millions again and still Rural Roads suffer, Dick you won’t be spending OUR money after the next Election.


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