SELFISH: Michael J Ireland says same sex marriage advocates will never stop demanding more.
SELFISH: Michael J Ireland says same sex marriage advocates will never stop demanding more. dolgachov

LETTERS: Say no to same sex marriage

IT seems that no matter where I go in the media world, either TV or print, the promotion of the same sex marriage seems to be never ending. I wonder if whatever the result, will these same advocates be happy or will they want more?

Yes, I am calling them selfish for that is what they are. They desire to be accepted as being the same as the rest of us, even though they revel in their difference. It seems we cannot ever give enough to these people.

First we decriminalise homosexuality because we weren't tolerant of their sexuality.

Then we allow them civil unions, entitling them to the same privileges as others in a traditional marriage - buy a house together, adopt children, etc.

Yet they still want more.

They demand that they actually be married in a traditional ceremony that was reserved strictly to heterosexual couples only.

Despite centuries of tradition and ritual, they are now demanding that they have this as well. Forget about the culture and community that it was founded upon and surrounds. Forget the forging of long-term relationships that created a well-balanced family unit.

They say you must give us this as well or else!

Such selfishness cannot be allowed to continue.

Legally, the same sex advocates have everything that they need to work within our society, they do not need this; just like a spoiled child, they are demanding it.

Say "No” and protect that which we have created before it is consumed by the later wannabes.

Michael J Ireland


High Court should uphold Aussie law

RECENT reports in various newspapers set out that a submission to the High Court from the Attorney General on dual nationality of federal politicians said that "if they 'honestly swear' that they were unaware of being dual citizens (they) should not be disqualified from Parliament”.

People would be gobsmacked when they find the Attorney General is a Senator for Queensland and a barrister, no less.

Perhaps his next floater would be his submission in a murder charge that a defendant who "honestly swears” that he/she did not know the gun was loaded should not be convicted.

He should be turfed out at the next election. Our Constitution says without equivocation if you have dual citizenship, you are ineligible and banned from entering Federal Parliament.

It could have been fixed for new citizens who take the citizenship oath by adding the words "and I hereby renounce any citizenship of a foreign power”.

If you are born in Australia, knowing your parent was a citizen of another country, you would be on notice that you may have citizenship of another country, so how could you honestly swear you were unaware of the possibility?

We should hope the High Court upholds the Law of Australia.

Paul Hoolihan


Double standard for retired pollies

WHAT a brilliant system we have. If you claim 10 dollars more than allowed your Centrelink payments will be cut off. But a new bill before Parliament will give extra dollars to retired politicians.

They call it a fairer deal for the pollies.

I bet we'll see dual citizen politicians being looked after just like the corrupt councillors identified by the crime commission who will not be prosecuted thanks to inadequate prosecution laws.

How long will that protection continue to the chagrin of the long-suffering public?

I can understand why people are going all out to stand for council or state and federal parliaments.

I wish I had found out sooner that the taxpayer would look after me and cast blame on the welfare recipients.

For the pollies it's a win- win situation.

Jay Nauss

Glen Aplin

Nuts and bolts of contentious views

"REFUSE to back Bolt's opinions” (TMB 10/10).

Like in construction industry, without the nuts the construction would collapse.

It is a safety issue.

GJ Smyth


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