WARMING UP: Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger gestures while speaking as Governor Jerry Brown, left, listens before a climate bill signing in San Francisco.
WARMING UP: Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger gestures while speaking as Governor Jerry Brown, left, listens before a climate bill signing in San Francisco. Eric Risberg

LETTERS: Temp increase must be human-driven

CC INGUNA (text TMB 12/10/17) says that after the last ice age the global temperature underwent significant warming, and he is right.

He claims that this shows that humans are not causing the warming. This is not a supportable argument.

Many variables cause global temperature to move to warm or cold. These variables can act in unison to drive the globe to a cold, ice age, condition or to a warm period such as the Roman warm. Mostly, however, they are not in union and temperatures vary in a band we may call normal.

Simple chemistry explains the significant warming. The amount of CO2 that can be dissolved in water increases as the water temperature decreases. As the variables drive the temperature down the water temperature falls, absorbing more CO2, reducing the greenhouse effect and accelerating the cooling. Some millennia later the cooling force reverses and eventually the ice starts to melt.

The melted water warms up, releasing the now excess CO2. The greenhouse effect increases, accelerating the increase in the global temperature.

I am not an expert but I understand that the variables should be slowly driving the temperature down. What we are seeing is a very rapid increase in the temperature. Must be caused by humans.

Tom Bradbury

Norman Gardens

Canavan should

have known better

FRASER, surely you are not as naive as your Editorial on Monday indicates.

We are not dealing with Italian law, we are dealing with Australian law. Poor Matt, he did not even think to check his citizenship even though he knew he had Italian heritage.

Not checking is purely dumb, not unfortunate or obscure as you indicate.

He was aware from an early age and did nothing to renounce any citizenship.

It is about time people got the full benefit of their lack of knowledge of the laws of Australia, and he wanted to be part of the government. Heaven help us.

Paul Hoolihan


Editor's note: Thanks Paul, but you missed the point of the editorial.

He didn't pursue dual citizenship, didn't want it but inherited it without knowledge.

This comes down to looking at the true intent of Section 44 of the Constitution - and it isn't to trap people like Matt Canavan.

I suggest you read it again.

Firearm depository is recipe for disaster

A CENTRAL firearm depository as well as firearm registration is diabolically ludicrous and works in favour of a government wanting to subjugate the people or an invader.

Before the Germans went into Poland they had their Quislings in administrative positions in Poland to enforce gun registration under the guise of public safety (sounds familiar), when the invasion eventuated the Gestapo and Polish police rounded up all registered guns negating any resistance. Twenty years before the Second World War, Japanese spies had assessed Australia's capability to defend itself, as detailed in an excerpt from the Japanese High Command on the proposed invasion of Australia in the book 'Pacific Partners' about the Asia-Pacific region during that time The excerpt states: "Australian public are well armed, know how to use these arms and would pose a serious threat to any occupying force.”

Recent incidents around the world have shown that fire, explosives and vehicles can be used to cause mass casualties. Why are they not looked at in the terms of public safety? There is more than what meets the eye with the gun control push, and our defence capability is being dangerously diminished.

NWH Timms


Self-righteous news makes blood boil

THAT long, blood-curdling scream you may have heard on Saturday evening was me watching the news. The bias and self-righteousness with which it was reported was even more offensive to me than the poor quality of the endless repeats we are supposed to be informed and entertained by.

The following is a fairly rough but honest translation of the latest news: "The nation of Iran is a paragon of virtue. They would not dream of supporting terrorism, and as for the 'nuclear deal' made with Saint Obama, well it just proves that they are a peace-loving, inclusive nation who have no interest in nuclear hegemony. It is just 'so wrong' that the current US President should be making such scandalous references to the truth in this matter!

"A certain Hollyweird producer has himself been finally fingered. And now Hillary Clinton is trying to make political mileage from the disgusting record of one of her past, big donors. Excuse me Hill, I seem to recall your husband was nearly impeached for similar transgressions when he was the big 'P'!

"The worst fires in US history are ravaging California. I am seriously horrified by the devastation but questions are being asked: Hurricanes, volcanic instability, earthquakes, threats of war? Is something going on and is all this a little bit like the 'elephant in the room'?

"At home, Holden's last car rolled off the assembly line as Bill Shorten did his 'Drama Queen' act, appearing, promising billions to the manufacturing industry. Now let me get this right: Bill Shorten plus unions plus dollars means that we will have our automotive industry or something like it back again? I don't think so.

"And most tragic of all: Climate change is going to make our cup of morning coffee more expensive. Damn those coal-fired generators with their CO2 emissions.

"Everybody knows that growing plants hate CO2. Hang on a minute, maybe I've got that wrong. I'll get back to you on that one..

"And that is the news for tonight.”

Al Byrnand


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