Sam Cook from the UK becoming Australian Citizen in Gympie on Australia day.
Sam Cook from the UK becoming Australian Citizen in Gympie on Australia day. Renee Albrecht

LETTERS: Time for mutual respect and forgiveness

PAT Cash doesn't want to observe Australia Day on January 26.

He's upset about ongoing poverty in many Aboriginal communities. However, changing the Australia Day date will achieve nothing.

Since time began, every country has experienced population inter-minglings which devastated the old ways. Australia was never going to stay hunter- gatherer land.

The best we can do now is to express mutual respect and - where appropriate - mutual forgiveness.

Mr Cash's involvement in a charity working with Aboriginal families sounds great. Maybe more of us should do the same, finding ways to do good things together.

One very good thing being to let bygones be bygones - and to celebrate Australia Day together as one.

Arnold Jago

Nichols Point, Vic

Why aid Japanese war machine?

WHEN I was a nipper starting school in the mid 1950s there weren't many kids in my classes whose parents had not been directly affected by the conflict and consequences of World War II and in particular against the Japanese forces.

Our neighbours both had fathers who had been in battle against the Japanese and our street had many other families in the same boat, so it was not hard to be hate-indoctrinated against a nation that had inflicted such atrocities and hardship upon our country and protectors.

It may be racist in today's sense of the word, to revisit a subject dead and buried long ago but in respect to those who perished and their living relatives, I believe the latest push by the government to train and engage in military exercises with the Japanese armed forces on Australian soil is tacky to say the least.

Regardless of trade deals and/or forming an alliance against China, why do we need to assist the Japanese war machine?

Since post war imposed sanctions have been rescinded, Japan's military might has grown hugely in an effort to protect its borders and sea lanes which is its citizens' expectation.

If that is Japan's only agenda then running around in the Australian bush will be of little assistance in that endeavour and we should be encouraging them to play in their own back yard.

Don Schmidt

South Gladstone

Greens Leader Richard Di Natale
Greens Leader Richard Di Natale LUKAS COCH

Greens looking for Aboriginal vote

SO, THE Greens leader Richard Di Natale is again advocating the change of the date for Australia Day and our media gleefully report and promote his cause.

When are we going to call out Dick and his cohorts because all they are doing, desperately, is to gather voting support and now they have the homosexual community in the bag are calling on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to vote for the Australian Greens?

Successive national and state governments have failed us in the past half- century, inner-city rail infrastructure in Brisbane and Sydney is collapsing because of poor governance.

Housing and local governments in all east coast cities, except Brisbane, are being squashed by bureaucratic jackboots.

Our media, print and electronic, has failed in objectivity since tertiary education moved them to the left, as predicted by Fabianism.

As one in their mid-70s I do not care what happens in the future because it is a Generation X and Y problem and soon will be a Millennium nightmare.

Robert S Buick

Mountain Creek

Solar is handy job creation industry

BEING that 2017 set all-time records with 1100MW of roof-top "small-scale” solar PV installations across Australia it certainly suggests George Christensen hasn't got a clue on energy policy.

People are certainly voting with their wallets and backing renewable energy, and all this solar PV is a handy new job creation industry.

The smartest policy shift that could now occur is to further incentivise people and businesses with solar PV to add battery storage systems.

Doing so will provide the time-shift in generation capacity needed to flatten out the late afternoon and evening peak consumption period.

Hence there'll be no need to go spending billions more in tax-payer money underwriting the construction and operation of new coal or gas fired power stations.

Trent Deverell


We are all Aussies except for...

"I AM, you are, we are Australian.”

Except if you are black, homeless, a scientist, immigrant, Muslim, single parent, unemployed, asylum seeker, environmentalist, sick, old, disabled, or deemed unworthy as proscribed by Good Guv'mint.

Oi, oi, oi!

Margaret Wilkie

Peregian Beach

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