LETTERS TO THE ED: Live and let live and stop controlling


Cancel culture

The “Cancel Culture” police are now targetting children’s books!

Even the beloved “Dr Seuss” books and “Sesame Street” aren’t exempt!

It is a momentous task to eliminate every offending era or icon.

Who decides?

Why not delete all history books, so as not to offend those whose ancestors may have caused harm to current descendents.

In reality, the social and political contexts of many icons deemed offensive today, may not align with today’s society, yet are there for us to learn from.

To discount some but allow others, may itself offend certain cultures and demographics which still value these.

The popular Sydney “Mardi Gras” festival offends the Christian community, but that is ignored by the “Cancel Culture” police.

The selections for cancelling are discrimatory and subjective!

Cultures are decimated at the whim of the “Cancel” police, like the Judaism by the Nazis!

Today’s celebrations may be offensive tomorrow.

Flags, costumes and festivals create much angst among many for whom the items trigger fear. The Australian ‘white supremacist’ group’s Nazi swastika and salute, are reminiscent of Nazi WWII war crimes, upsetting survivors.

Australia Day celebrations offend our “first nation” people, but continue regardless!

We can’t please all the people all the time.

Why not live and let live and stop controlling and determing what is acceptable and what is not.

To each his own.

Tolerance is a two-way street!

- Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands

Failed education mass producing English ignorance

People discussing racial variations, and genetics characteristic are not committing a racist act, nor are people discussing human sexuality committing a sexual act.

The poor level of education has produced a generation that do not know those facts.

The sad thing is we have a culture of do not know and do not want to know, where ignorance reigns supreme.

- G J May, Forrestdale


Harry's view on Rockhampton's impounded pets data.
Harry's view on Rockhampton's impounded pets data.


A Central Queensland nurse says she and “thousands” of others cannot get jobs because of a lack of entry positions and insufficient opportunities for further training in the region.

Michael Marsten: Maybe we should go back to training in the hospital so they get the practical experience as they go.

Kerryn Moulds: There are not sufficient post graduate places available once study is completed. This really needs to be investigated as it reduces the opportunity for further study advancement and to simply have a job. Governments then allow foreign nurses to have the jobs that should be filled by graduates and unemployed nurses. How about a story that looks at all the facts.

Raelene Smith: Some working in aged care are definitely not trained properly and should not be there.

Craig Andrews: And I’ve noticed locals miss out and they seem employ foreigner staff

John Fitz: Insufficient training opportunities? That comes down to what training they require. Meanwhile the health care industry is screaming for staff!


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